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  1. My take as well. I suspect that I'll stop flashing for a couple of days now, maybe a week.
  2. or just use the downloaded Verizon .exe update file.
  3. MS3 is worth every penny if you like it, look for online discount codes.
  4. His version is in the ROM you don't want to install it again. The night version includes software you won't use (ie Titanium) and will only take up storage. Use the MS3 ROM and your activation code. S'what I do.
  5. Yeah I have 10 or so images that I made for MS3 all sized to 960x748 and they worked on the CC20 ROMs you made. Thanks for looking into it.
  6. Anyone else having trouble changing the MS3 Lifestyle background ? I can select the function, browse to the folder, see the pictures (they've worked before), select the one with my wife and 2 dogs. The nice 4 color clover shows up and goes away but nothing changes. Anyone want to try this and see if it's a bug or me ? Thanks
  7. I think in his ROM making fever BW uploaded the wrong ROM. A few posts back he talked about being busy tonight so I guess he's not around. I'm sure soon enough we'll have the MS3 goodness.
  8. You'd have to capture the .bin from the .exe but I suppose you could. Wait for confirmation that the BW's MS3 ROM is correct. There appears to be a question as to what the link downloads.
  9. Is it me or is it the exact same file in both download links ? The link is different but the zipped and unzipped files are the same size and have the same name ?
  10. Personally I'd monitor this site. http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=83 Adrynalyn seems to be the Master Chef of the i910 Omnia's. I believe he posted the kitchens for the leaked ROM that everyone is using so I suspect he'll post his CF30 kitchens as well.
  11. I agree. Not that 3 days is long. I keep telling myself to stop but it doesn't help. It's like cocaine.
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