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  1. Well... it doesn't happen all the time. I flashed 2 times with all the 4 parts, but still it happens.
  2. Very nice rom except some issue. I have problem with error of contact list. when I open phonebook, error occured and error report come out. after that contact list doesn't work well.. anyone has same problem?
  3. Thanks a lot!!! I'v been waiting for this so badly!
  4. I can say DON'T use eh20 from motorola. i bought it and it doesn't work.
  5. My o2 has updated to new rom K1 secany version few days ago. before i updated my phone, it wasn't happend at all. but it happens now! i use my phone just normally and put in the pocket or on the desk then if i touch my phone later then i found out phone is off... what the.... in addition, power button doesn't work at all. I have to remove battery or soft reset. as far as I know, I used to use "media player" instead of touch player and I never used it before i install K1 version. does it happen to yours?
  6. I installed Opera 9.7b and use it for a while i mean for couple of minutes. but after it freeze during surfing, WIFI doesn't work! so I try to find out what da hack is this. I have read many threads you guys wrote but didn't work well. of course i did so many soft reset and power off mean time. but after i delete opera9.7b with soft reset, WIFI is back! I can not say it's just cuz of opera but little bit suspicious. what about yours?
  7. Hey dude. I just wonder if this problem is normal or happen to my i8000 only. phone doesn't download mms automatically if phone is connected to computer. and also WIFI is not working at same situation. so if I want to download mms then i have to disconnect the phone from computer. does it normal? anyway I like this phone more and more. I used to use ipod touch as my toy nut not anymore. Cheers guys
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