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  1. I've no time in this period, but it's too easy to do that, just download a Rollup (f.e. 23541 from Da_G's repository) then strcture it like that: -SYS - There create version-named directories. In them are supposed to be few more directories: -All - There goes DPI and RES related stuff, but NO LANGS! -Common - There place all nonDPI, nonRES, nonLANG related files, just main binaries etc -<lang code> - here goes all langs, like 0405, 0409, 0C0A etc For the XIP take MSXIPKERNEL from the Rollup, remove hd.dll and osaxst0.dll, take other files and put them in \osKitchen\Sources\MSXIPKernel\<build number> That's it!
  2. 1- try the last version and t works perfectly with WM 6.5.x 2- i can't understand what you mean... 3- just create OEMs PACKAGE or EXT PACKAGE from the cab and put them in the kitchen! If you need info about how to create an EXT or an OEM download it --> http://www.mediafire.com/?ydzmzyzzljj and look at the how-to! 4- You can take them from a stock ROM! 5- The problem is in the theme or in the CPR of Start menu! Change build or download a working SYS and it must work!
  3. I don't have an i910, only i900, but i'm queit sure you must use the exe file! Maybe Waremike32 can help you to choose the right one :D
  4. You take the original eboot.nb0 from the DXID1 EXE, you have to extract it with i900EXEcutor! The how-to for Vistang's kitchen is in this package: http://www.mediafire.com/?ydzmzyzzljj For this kitchen whene I'll have a littel bit of time i'll provide something!
  5. Thank you waremike32! I added your XIP to the first post for i910 cookers!
  6. HOW TO MAKE A BOOTABLE ROM thanks to kiodo81 Just replace the XIP with the one you use with Vistang's kitchen! I'll upload a ready XIP as soon as I can for the ones who has yet used the Vistang's kitchen it's too easy!
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