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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone mirror the link of M2D cab file through mediafire ? I can't seem to download from anywhere else ? Did anyone manage to install black keyboard like Shokka's with vibration working ?
  2. Hi Khuanchai, Can someone upload the 21222 lite rom to other that rapid share. I always not able to download from rapidshare. it gives error "reached download limit", but i've never downloaded anything from there before. Mediafire works very well Anyway, i'm using Khuanchai's Omnia 3-in-1 ROM build 21215 Thank you guys, cheers...
  3. Hi Guys, I've installed the 3in1 rom & it works great & fast. I need some help from you guys. Where can i get the Samsung keyboard, been looking for it in this topic, but can't seem to find it. Also, is there any way i can the phonebook which have the alphabets like in DXIA5 rom but i want it to have the black look also because i'm using the M2D black skin. it's difficult to type & find the names sometimes. Thanks alot guys.
  4. Hi Guys, After updating my rom, i can seem in install the .cab files... It's showing "There is no application associated with <filename>". Do i need additional software to run cab files or do i need to activate anything ?
  5. Hi Jadoon, I followed his instruction exactly & it worked. 1. Installed samsung modem driver. 2. off phone & connect USB cable 3. open rom installation file 4. on phone & wait for ROM installation to detect the phone 5. click start & wait for the process to finish 6. unplug cable, soft reboot phone & wait for it to reboot automatically. Just did it in off & no problem until now... Will try using it for few days... BTW, this ROM with M2D rocks man...
  6. Hi Shokka9, Sorry if i had noob questions, this is the first time i'm installing a cooked rom. Last nite i installed your rom, it was installing until the green bar gets full(fully downloaded the rom), then my XP pc automatically asking for CDMA driver & could not find it in my pc. So the rom installation was trying to find USB port & the installation showed error. My phone also hang on the green bar screen. Then i rebooted my phone & there was a phone icon and a yellow '!' sign, but it came out to the robot picture with red light & manage to on my phone. Until now the phone is working fine, do u think i should reinstall the rom again or the phone icon with '!' is normal ? Anyway, another question. I changed my theme color in setting to grey so that when i click start menu, the background of start menu would match the Manila2d black color, but it changed my taskbar & the bottom bar to grey as well. - I tried to restore the manilla 2d theme in M2DC, but it didn't work. I need the original M2D black taskbar again, can you advise pls. But afterall, your rom is so cool man. I love it with M2d. Thank you so much for spending your time for such a cool rom. Wish you gud luck with your upcoming rom. Cheers.
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