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  1. Having exactly the same problem, had mine for a few months and worked perfectly but like yours recently started freezing and crashing. Lookis like we have done the same, I have deleted apps and a factory reset but no joy. Could do with a fix or its back to the shop on the weekend
  2. I have tried a number of roms and my headsets and voicedial have only worked with those that have the BT Fix such as PHDee or Khaunchai. I have recently reverted to a 6.1 ROM as I had dificulty getting a good battery life on 6.5 ROMs with the BT Fix. If anyonbe can recommend a good ROM with the BT Fix and a solid battery life I will reflash.
  3. I have installed the Galaxy style ROM as it is an excellent ROM, fast and clear with SPB and bluetooth fix. The only issue I can find at the moment is with the favorites in SPB. I have been a long term user of SPB and use this a lot but for some reason when I select favourites it brings up the contacts and all the numbers but I can't actually dial or sms by touching any of them. It looks more like a picture than an icon. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix
  4. No joy, still superimposes and enhanced DPS still doesn't seem to do anything. Will keep running it and see if any other issues arise but seems a good rom
  5. So far the ROM looks good but I have experienced a problem with the dialer. I can use the MS dialer and Minimal 2G dialer but if I attempt the Omnialite 3G dialer it superimposes the MS Dialer over the top. Also the Enhanced GPS doesn't seem to download. I will reflash to see if the dialer corrects but any ideas on the problem?
  6. Installed the SPB version as I have been using SPB for a good while. First impression is excellent, fast and responsive. Even the GPS was brilliant, set up very quickly and even worked indoors. I will continue tweaking to test it all. Bluetooth seems fine, works with headset and handsfree. One question, when installing programmes it doesn't seem to detect and use the programme ICON, any ideas on how I get it to use them.
  7. Any ideas what this is like for Bluetooth and A2DP. I use a PHDee ROM for this reason as I use a BT carkit and Bluetooth Stereo Headset for MP3's. This ROM looks cracking so will try anyway when I can get a chance to download but the BT fix always swings it for me.
  8. Excellent post, this will help prolong the life of the Omnia for many of us. I agree with the idea of a short comment for each app as well. Even Google isn't as specific as a user. Well done again.
  9. Decided to flash the phone part with DX1F1. I am using PDhee's ROM with SPB shell 3.5 and am very impressed with the new phone part. I have been using it in anger for WiFi, Bluetooth Stereo and GPS and results so far are: DXIF1 - Excellent GPS - extremely good!! I have actually got a strong signal indoors as I type. Never had that on other flashes. Signal - definitely better, more bars and no drop out. Wireless - excellent, again better reception further away in the house . Battery - not tested as yet, running on WiFi and GPS with no charger connected to see what happens. Heating - good so far I will feed back any changes and thanks to all for the recommendations.
  10. Using 24611.5.3.6 M2D2 V2 beta1 in abger all day and it is excellent, have my programs sorted, Bluetooth Voice, TomTom etc. Excellent ROM. Can anyone point me to links/tips on how to change the themes etc, is it M2DC? I have never used it or modified before
  11. Quick update, downloaded and flashed M2Dv2 Omnia7s Ed. Build 23662.5.3.6 beta1 but in the communication manager the Wireless is blanked out so cannot select. Reverted back to 24611.5.3.6 M2D2 V2 beta1 until I have time to check further. Still not able to add programmes as above.
  12. Many thanks for the link, downloading now. I have a couple of questions. What is the difference between 24611.5.3.6 M2D2 V2 beta1 and M2Dv2 Omnia7s Ed. Build 23662.5.3.6 beta1 I have flashed to 24611 and will reflash to 23662 once it has downloaded but initial thoughts are 24611 is a sweet looking ROM. I normally run SPB Shell but am looking to run without and this looks the business. BT Fix so far seems good with headsets and music, excellent news. On the Program screem when I try to add it shows only 6 programs, Activesync, Audio Manager, AGC, Calc and Cal. I can't seem to add any of my other programmes. Is this because they are on My Storage or Storage Card. I will load one to My Device to check but thought I would ask in case there is a quick answer. Excellent ROM though, fast and excellent scroll. Update: easy answer to programmes is to scroll down and the rest of them are there, now have access to my programmes on My Storage and Card.
  13. Please send link of M2Dv2 Omnia7s Ed. Build 23662.5.3.6 beta1. I tried another ROM but need to go back to PDhee as they seem to work the best especially with the BT Fix
  14. My apologies if I have missed the obvious. I have flashed numerous ROM's and just spotted this and it looks very interesting. I have always flashed using XP but not sure how to flash this, any tips so I can flash and test please.
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