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  1. xusso


    Is this some kind of shell replacement? Looks interesting....
  2. xusso

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Fingers crossed!!! :D :D
  3. Just checked, looks great though is not for free! 2 more days for a new version? >> Great stuff!!! But the question is...will it play angry birds?
  4. I think the only way is to remove the sim card. You have to have the phone part active to use GPS. If you have it off, all wireless connections will be off.
  5. xusso

    Neo Titanium

    Impressive and handy!!!
  6. I would also like to have a working WQVGA for the omnia with landscape support. All the links for the developer's website are down. Thank you in advance
  7. Hello guys, I'm planning to update my new Omnia rom soon. However I'm currently looking for the original one on my Vodafone. PDA: i900XKHG5/ARHG5 Phone: i900BUHG5 Samsung website doesn't help because the Voda roms aren't available there. Can anyone provide a link for this one, or at least let me know if it's possible to backup my rom directly to the card? ..I know that on the HTC this is possible... Thanks guys!
  8. Were you lucky enough to get the original vodafone ROM? I'm also on that one...
  9. Sea-Breeze, Which one? I'm interested...
  10. xusso

    Dutch Vodafone Rom

    Hi, I have that one on my Omnia right now. Do you know how do I make an image? Maybe I can help... And also, how did that happened? I'm about to update to another firmware...
  11. I think this is the second time we have a compo about palringo! I've been using this from a looong time ago, I think I'll just go there and give a shout back!
  12. Back online! Thanks for this compo! Of course, I expect nothing but winning! Have a Wonderful 2008 all!
  13. xusso

    Where's this bit go

    look here: http://www.pdagold.com/img/articles/en/lar...O7552523341.jpg
  14. xusso

    Where's this bit go

    Hi guys, this part is from the inside of the PDA and it's located at the bottom of the main cover. Look here: http://www.pdagold.com/img/articles/en/lar...98414224550.jpg
  15. xusso

    Palringo / TyTN II winner!

    Congrats to the winner! It was a fun competition!

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