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  1. is this facebook or forum whats up//

  2. c.e.x exchange do one for 62 quid boxed i got one and its kool..C.E.X
  3. Nah its all a farce man - - i have changed back to Gen 1 this is my third time now and i wont go back to gen 2 - - There is no difference at all - Maybe if you want to keep up with new roms but thats about it - i shall settle with GEN1 have a coke and a smile good night..
  4. Battery life is taking a proper hit - maybe the rom needs to adjust - but ifrom 17hrs with CM7 stable - to 6hrs now - still its a nice addition to the pack
  5. tell them again - - no personnal squabbles in MODACO guys come on - - we have a nice zte blade facebook page where we talk about things ZTE as well - its all love man - - so help or give your voice on to how your phone is a different machine thanks to EVERYONE involved, lets just be happy that we have such beauty for our ZTES man... and i will end this with a big JAMAICAN - - YEAH MAN enjoy what we have you no see it... peace no...
  6. Went from gen 1 to Gen 2 not o.k then i went back to gen 1 with the cm7 stable image phone has not been the same since. Even when i want to go back to stock its not having it, i cant even andboot now it says something like Failed - no Fu Goo.. Pulling my hair out - is there some bits of software missing that has been corrupted upon during the gen1 to gen2 upgrade somehow, then when i downgrade back it just does not revert back to ORIGINAL state.. Help HELP HELP.. ANY HELP IS WELCOME
  7. Yeah listen to the guys man Try them all out - i love them all but some have weakness - the one i find myself going back to over and over again has to be the SWEDISH rom its pretty nice - and i am getting 7.55 on my linpack testing.. you can download 170 plus apps and still have space and it dont force close or anything. But do Nandroid all you r stable roms with your settings and the like. Keep them on the computer because sometimes the phone restore plays about. Just trust your own judgement and like all the kool guys in this Forum keep saying TRY TRY TRY....Happy Blading what a bloody good phone we have, I put it up to my girls Desire and a smile comes on my face.
  8. froyo for the mini is suspect - i didnt find one - and remember it does not have the andreno 200 GPU which is about standard for android phones - plays angry birds though..
  9. Yeah its a good phone the memory is much better than on the bigger PULSE i have both and the Pulse mini is way better than the pulse what with radio and all - the ROM i used was TEAPOT rom and it was very good, as a back up phone you cant go wrong, dont listen to anyone who says it is rubbish - for 20 quid what the heck go play with android..
  10. I dont get it how are they going to make any money - 20 quid wow and to tell you the truth the phone aint bad at all, its an android it has gps, you can unlock it and flash it with so much roms, it baffles me how they got it down to this price - i have had the pulse - the mini and the mini is more smoother and faster than the pulse any day of the week.. - - yes it is as easy as the ZTE blade to customize i have both and out of 10 hardness is 3..
  11. s*** you got me - even though i have cyanmod - 7 i still had to look.. nice one..
  12. Hello, got my Blade earlier today its a white one in the box etc - I got this phone from C.E.X harrow for 62 quid. I have unlocked it for free, I rooted it as well, kind of had a scare when it started to bootloop. I dont know what happened it just started working. I have downloaded two roms so far, but to tell you the truth i aint gonna give this phone as much stick as the t mobile pulse.. Any ideas welcome peace out..
  13. Hello i so couldn't wait and check to see. Have you guys/girls in the UK, seen all the new phones in the Carphone Warehouse website. They have a few. take a Look see..Huawei U8500...Huawei U8800 Titan.....Theres even a INQ cloud funny looking thing..My query is are the two Huawei phones worth a look ?. http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/m...clearance=false http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/m...clearance=false http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/m...clearance=false nice looking kit
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