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  1. @TJ: Great job so far! I was wondering if it was possible to get Apps2ext/Data2ext working with this kernel? Thanks in advance.
  2. It's the "best bang for the buck" android phone in my opinion. To me, it's worth the money in terms of what you get.
  3. What I do is I use the Galaxy's Sync/Charge cable instead of the Nexus' cable. Works fine for both.
  4. I'm glad I jumped ship when I did, Rodrigo's UltraLite ROMs were the only ROMs that really fit my needs (not to put down any other chefs), I'm sure the others are great too, but I suppose it's a matter of preference and what meets your day-to-day usage needs, and as I said his ROMs worked the best for me. Now that he has stopped development on this, then I would more or less have been stuck with what I had.
  5. Its great to know everything turned out fine for you. :mellow: And also great to know HTC support in Singapore is solid. I suppose that this experience teaches us all to value the virtue of patience :( Enjoy your N1!!!
  6. It usually happens when you twist your fingers around in a circle on the screen. Try two fingers with one hand and turn them on the screen, when the axis meet, the blue and red dots move from under your fingers to the intersecting points, then back again under your fingers again depending on how many times you do it. It is a bit weird, but it does not affect my day to day usage of the device, so its no biggie to me at least for now. Hopefully its just a driver or software implementation bug that will be remedied in the future, I mean hey.... Our N1s are just over a month old so there is a lot of room and time for improvement, and all other devices have their own set of quirks.
  7. ok, I stand corrected.... I tested it out a bit longer and really moved it around a lot, it does not always happen, but it did what the N1 in the video did too. Sorry for the mis-information....
  8. I tried the app, the problem does not happen to me on my N1, works just like how the droid did in the video.
  9. You will have to install the HTC keyboard from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=624416 although there are some issues with landscape from what I hear. You will also have to manually enable Apps2SD as per instructions here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=627044 But they do work on CM as I am using that ROM now and have no problems, but I only implemented Apps2SD and not the HTC keyboard. Hope this was helpful.
  10. He mentioned no more indicator lights even if plugged in to the charger, and basing on the steps he posted, he was flashing the radio and he also mentioned that he pulled the battery out....
  11. Ouch!!!!! I can bet my nexus itself that you were flashing the radio component when you pulled the battery. That is the biggest NO NO when flashing the radio. You mentioned no more power or indicator lights, I am pretty sure you have a brick on your hands, I suppose the only thing to do now is to send it back to HTC/Google and see if they re-flash or replace it. Good luck.
  12. Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't checked this thread for a while. I'm not sure why it does not work for you, has anyone else who downloaded the file got it to work? I apologize if I cant be of anymore help regarding this matter, I already sold my O2 so I can't check anymore.
  13. On Windows I use Videora, the profile for the Magic/Sapphire is perfect for the N1, and you can set target filesize without noticable quality loss. On linux I use Handbrake and also set the quality like the Videora profile.
  14. It also helps a lot if you don't use the HSDPA/3G network often or don't use it at all, to check the option for "Use only 2G network"
  15. Oh man!!!! This beast is fast!!! and its got so much RAM that I dont have to close anything, or nothing auto-closes or auto terminates while running multiple programs simultaneously. I havent even put swap on it yet. I already got it rooted and running the latest leaked official radio and official ROM. The input never lags when typing and the screen orientation change is almost instantaneous! I am not having problems that were mentioned in other forums such as the 3G connection. The AMOLED is also very nice, although the Omnia's is still superior, its brighter and has crisper colors, but you will not notice the difference anymore as long as they are not compare side by side. Its like a hybrid of the iPhone and Windows Mobile, in the sense of it has the iPhone's interface speed which is very fluid and smooth and that it has the customizability and multi-tasking of Windows Mobile. In fact it is even more customizable. I am not regretting my choice of getting a Nexus at all. :D Oh, and did I mention its fast!?!?
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