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  1. I am asking this because i have flashed this rom 3 times and i'm still having problems with the withe squares. This should happen to the 6.5.3 rom version. I don't undestand anymore. Any help ? Thanks. and some screenshots :
  2. Help me ! Witch official ROM should i flash before flashing your 21916 Energy standard ROM with sense 2.5 ?
  3. You are the best. The black theme rules. Everything is ok. The only problem is with the progress bar and in TCPMP or Core Player settings i can see nothing. And the screenshots : Screen03.bmp Screen05.bmp Screen02.bmp Screen04.bmp Screen07.bmp Screen08.bmp Screen09.bmp Screen06.bmp Screen01.bmp
  4. Thanks! Your the men. It is working now with SRS WOW and it is working with Samsung R2VS to. But i do not want these programs installed on my device. OCK any help? A registry tweak, a fix ? Thanks . (sorry for my English)
  5. Please help me! I am on ock_M2Dv2_23557 very fast and stable but i am having a problem my stereo bluetooth headset works only for phone calls.Playing music or watching a movie with the headset connected the phone uses the built in speaker. Thanks in advance.
  6. please help !!! i need the welcomehead.96.png the orange one from your rom thanks
  7. So i an´m updating the phone part to PUJA1 do i need the csc file ? Thanks a lot ! Keep it comin´ !!!
  8. Everything seems to be ok , good job. I am trying to install 23547 - FloTanium and i have windows 7 so i am using USDL Grand Prix to flash the rom.I have disasmbled your rom and there is no customer.csc and no phone.bin files. Can you upload these files for me please ? Thanks !
  9. I am locking for new icons. Any idea , links? Thanks.
  10. Install App To Date from Paul's must have FREE i900 Omnia software. Or http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...omnia-software/ This application will update your app.
  11. Here is the final relese http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0efdd3b...621d66e282a0ee8 I found some new meteo icines and changed the small meteo icones to the new one and i replaced the home button from desktop page(useless) with pending notification. On the 2-nd weather page the home button is replaced with Spb Weather shortcut. Have fun.
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