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  1. Hey there... I recently purchased the Cingular 2125 after using a Sprint Treo 600 for a number of years.. I like the phone but have found a few issues on which I need your help and advice... 1. I would like to customize the information displayed on the home page... The phone comes with a few options but none that I like... In particular, I would like to have only five specifically selected application icons displayed at the top and not the scolling list of most recently used icons... Is there a way to do this? 2. I would like to change the start page to be a small list of application icons with corresponding numbers and not three pages of full icons... Is there any way to change the "start" display from "icon" to "list"? 3. Under the contacts application on the phone, there are only 4 categories listed (i.e., business, personal, etc.). On my Treo 600, I had about 10 customized categories... Is there any way to add more on the phone? I am not currently syncing with outlook and may not be... I would like to make the changes on the phone but can't find a way... Please help... Thanks for your help...
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