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  1. Hi u can put the cab about the flip clock and the analogc clock are on extream blue? Thx so much friend
  2. Hi friend, if install the Extreme basic.cab don't show analogick clock, it work if install also a blue theme, i can't whant a blue theme but like a extreme baic, thx
  3. Hi friend I try to modify an analogic clock whit mania editor9 but i'm not able :( i think another modific it possible are in Main Cab u can move the date up the analogic clock, and if are possible do a version whit fix inside, thx
  4. On my device work all well whit the last fix!!!!!
  5. for put it on windos befor unable to TF3D, and put it inside whit a resco explorer or total commander awerwrite the existing file and restart TF3D
  7. Try this, the problem it possible becouse under don't have a standard file on manila, try to download a diamond TF3D Config 6.7, restore all file on apparence and after install before Max_Complete_TF3D___Main.cab and after a clock and a flip u whant, try this
  8. hi friends, try to download again a file also i have the same problem before and after download again it work
  9. Yes of course, u can do all u whant, u are a Boss :(, when fix a word of operator call me, sorry if i'm a perfectionist, and one question why i cant put my screen immage open? Nice your screen, I search also this clock but whit the backround trasparent seem the pamclock
  10. My screen ana a pack for change a curtain and a number on flip clock, for do it owerwrite only a file on windows folder Capture.bmp Flip_Clock_Components.rar
  11. Put a screenshot, for the name operator what u use
  12. Good work friend, when fix the operator name are the besttt!!!!!!!!!!!! for curtain con use remove top curtain or removecurtains _NoCurtains.CAB.cab
  13. hi friend, great work but u can do a version whithout 15 tab?
  14. hi to all, greatttttttt work!!!!! For me are perfect this but only whit the trasparent backround on clock I install on my HD italian the Max Complete TF3D Theme HTC Black and also Max Complete TF3D Theme - Abstract #1 but on my HD now don't start manila 3D

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