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  1. Ordered... I'll be hanging out on here a bit now!
  2. Mike, I that email address correct? It's just bounced back... The format of the recipient's e-mail address isn't valid. A valid address looks like this: [email protected] Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try sending the message again, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.
  3. If that is right it would be utter lunacy! The Adam is less than £400 roughly, it's near as dammit as good as the Xoom....
  4. Update: Apparently, they have backtracked and now it DOESN'T apply to existing customers. T Mobile statement Pasted: Changes to Mobile Internet fair use policies T-Mobile Statement: “On Monday 10 January 2011 we announced that, in line with the rest of the industry, T-Mobile would be reducing its Fair Use Policy for data usage to 500MB a month for all mobile phone customers. Following a further review of our policy, these changes will now be introduced from 1 February, to new and upgrading customers only - not existing customers. There will be no change to the data packages for existing customers for the duration of their contract and we apologise for any confusion caused. The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users." Lysa Hardy, VP, T-Mobile UK Information on new data policy: From 1 February 2011 new and upgrading customers will be given a monthly 500MB data allowance. There will be no charge for those customers exceeding that limit, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and web browsing, however file downloading and streaming services will be restricted. Customers will then have the option to increase their monthly Fair Use Policy to 1GB a month by purchasing a Mobile Broadband Booster. This will ensure an improved quality of service for all of our mobile internet users. Lysa Hardy, VP, T-Mobile UK
  5. Hi All, I've been following this on twitter quite a lot since it broke. I will post various links on the front page for information. There is no guarantee anything will work if TMobile stonewall, even though it is obviously bang out of order and very dubious legally. Personally I've found Bitterwallet have a good history of this as does Money saving Forums. Links will be added as I find them. Cheers, Stuart.
  6. There are lots of stories flying around at the moment, the story seems to be that Tmob are taking the line that they haven't changed anything that isn't a core function and their definition of what is considered fair use has been 'doctored' to suit the 500mb limit, they are using that as their get out clause currently. but, Ofcom are now looking into it and noises coming out via twitter from various people/blogs/forums is that Tmob are possibly going to be in the wrong on this, I've seen pasted conversations with Tmob saying that their legal team is going to be advising soon. my hunch is that they will have to back down over existing contracts, Orange did this with some T+C changes and went through the same sort of thing, lots of conflicting stories followed by a stonewall response and finally backing down when the noise got too loud as Ofcom and others started to take notice. Keep with it, email,phone and write, eventually they will back down and allow cancellation or existing allowances to be honoured. (I hope!) Stuart.
  7. Ok Everyone. T mobile have replied to me messages, this new Fair usage policy affects direct and indirect sales and applies to EXISTING customers as well! Sorry, that is all I have, came via there twitter help account. I can suggest Bitterwallet as a good place to read up on your rights.
  8. I'll wait and see what the actual policy is on this and clarify , I expect existing customers are ok... Give it a bit, the intermawebs are alive with it today, so T-mob will clarify the T=C's I'm sure.
  9. Edit 3: Another change, Tmobile have backtracked and existing customers are NOT now included. Tmobile statement Edit 2: Links added for information. Modaco or little me carry no responsibility for any of the information of links provided, this is just advice to help. Cantankerous template letter Bitterwallet advice at 1.00pm on 12/1/11 Villianrom Money saving experts Which mobile Coolsmartphone Little fluffy toys (!) Letter Wizbongre Ofcom letter EDIT: See my post on the 2nd page. Basically Direct and indirect sales as well as existing customers are affected! Just a quicky as it does effect us smartphone users somewhat. T-Mobile UK have just put up today that thay are changing their previously generous data policy (3GB, but never really cared if you went over) to 500mb a month. Frankly, this just isn't enough if you don't have easy access to Wifi, modern smartphones are designed to access the web, use maps,watch videos and constantly sync with sites like twitter,facebook etc, all requiring data use. Basically they say the data allowance isn't for gaming,videos or uploading/downloading..... Page here: T-mobile. Pasted from their site: Changes to Mobile Internet fair use policies T-Mobile is the only operator to give customers the Mobile Internet for a fixed-price. We never charge our customer's more than they expect for their Mobile Internet in the UK. Therefore you'll never need to worry about how many emails you've sent, how long you've been on-line or the ‘data / GB’s’ Browsing means looking at websites and checking email, but not watching videos, downloading files or playing games. We’ve got a fair use policy but ours means that you'll always be able to browse the internet, it’s only when you go over the fair use amount that you won’t be able to download, stream and watch video clips. So Whats Changing? - From 1st February 2011 we will be aligning our fair use policies so our mobile internet service will have fair use of 500MB. What Does This Mean? - We’ll always let you email and browse the internet and you’ll never pay more than you agree to. We do have a fair use policy but ours is there to make sure we deliver the best service possible to all our customers. This means that you’ll always be able to browse the internet. So remember our Mobile Broadband and internet on your phone service is best used for browsing which means looking at your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, BBC News and more, checking your email and looking for information, but not watching videos or downloading files. If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband. Stuart.
  10. Yeah, that is an issue for some. I wonder if Moto realize it stops some from buying their devices?
  11. No news on any releases yet in UK or Europe I'm afraid. Should be very soon though.
  12. Motorola officially reveal the Xoom Tablet. Well Google sort of showed this a few weeks ago during a speech by Andy Rubin, but yesterday Motorola revealed the eagerly awaited tablet to the world. This is the first of the 10" tablets to be announced by the big players in the mobile and pc world, offering a direct rival to the hugely successful ipad. A 10.1 inch 1280x800 resolution display, Nvidia tegra2 cpu, Android 3.0 honecomb, 5mp rear and 2mp front cameras,1gn ddr2 ram,3G and Wifi as well as 32gb onboard storage adds up to an impressive bit of kit. No official word on price or release dates, but a Q1 release for the USA and apparently the UK is to get it's own press announcement soon. (Twitter is alive with a rumoured Febuary release...) Full specification stolen from Engadget Stuart.
  13. Motorola announce the Atrix 4G. Laptop Dock: Dock: A few hours after LG's Optimus2X was announced, Motorola followed suit with their own Nvidia powered Dual core phone, the Atrix. It looks both physically and internally very similar to the LG, but it does have a few tricks up it's sleeve that could set it apart from the crowd. Fingerprint recognition is one interesting feature, if it works it should make the phone very secure.But, the most impressive thing for me was the dock and the laptop style adaptor, both effectively allow the phone to be used as a pc, giving easy options for a screen or keyboard to be used. Exclusively on At+T in the USA, Orange in the UK. No word yet on prices or release dates that I'm aware. Highlights: Nvidia Tegra 2 1Ghz cpu 4.0" QHD display Front facing vga camera 1930 mAh battery 1GB memory Up to 48gb expandable storage Stuart.
  14. LG Reveal the worlds first Dual core phone. No real surprises as this was commonly known long before the announcement. All the same, it is a very welcome addition to the android lineup. Surprisingly Lg didn't really mention the phone in their own presentation, but it was left to Nvidia to reveal the phone. For those of you that don't know, Nvidias Tegra 2 chipset is powering this phone and many many other phones and tablets set to be released this year. Android 2.2 initially, 2.3 to follow. Watching the press announcement it certainly looked good, HDMI out running Angry birds on a 52" TV was impressive! As was running unreal engine games that looked stutter free. No word yet on pricing or a UK release date, but January has been rumoured, hopefully they will keep the price down! Specification highlights: 1Ghz Dual-core Processor (NVIDIA Tegra 2) 4-inch WVGA screen 8GB memory (up to 32GB via microSD) 1,500 mAh battery 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera HDMI mirroring 1080p MPEG-4/H.264 playback and recording Stuart.
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