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    Man United, the tag line "United > England" pretty much sums up how much I love the club<br /><br />Cross Country<br /><br />Finance and Investment, Econometrics and Economics, Political Economy<br /><br />Messing around with my Windows Mobile phone(s)<br /><br />watching movies with friends<br /><br />Poker<br />
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  1. badword NXX rom again when will I ever get a HZHJGx rom?
  2. 1) don't know 2) nope, mine does not anyway 3) Visual Effects are just as great as those on the iphone, GUI is much better on the Android than it is on WM, Mulitasking and it's improving as I write 4) s*** 5) haven't used it in..... like half a yr, so have forgotten bout most of its features so don't know (I had SPB v3) 6) nothing at all, it is basically there to waste RAM and Storage on every WM device that has WM installed. So evil of M$ to think up such ingenious idea to make WM shitter than it should never have been
  3. I mean flash back the original rom and send it back for repair
  4. flash the original rom, and hola! or alternativerly, deliberately brick your phone. Tell the Samsung guy you hard-reset the phone the phone just bricked itself. these tricks work every time.
  5. msra6la2

    Current fastest ROM on omnia 2?

    fastest WM6.5 stock ROM: HZHJC2 fastest WM6.5.3 stock ROM: NXXJE1 fastest lite roms: WM6.5 HZHJC2 by twu2 WM6.5.3 NXXJD1 by twu2
  6. ok, sorry but I don't like using apps that require me to pay money lol :(! The last non free app I used was SPB Mobile Shell v3, but then again I got it for free from a frd of mine who bought it for his Acer Neotouch (he dumped his phone after 2 months becos it bricked for no reason)
  7. it's nothing to do with pagepool or the phone, it's your fault to put so many pictures onto your phone! My computer, Acer 5745G which features an Intel i5 process, gets slowed downed signifcantly by opening up all these photos.
  8. Desire is really amazing man. My dad has one and it is super good. But if you are a movie watching guy then I suggest you keep your Omnia II becos in terms of video codecs support, the Omnia II absolutely rapes the Desire (all Samsung smart-phones offer better support to movie viewings than HTC devices) E2120? it's probably faster than the Desire too lol. I have got my old SE k800i and k850i and they both feel faster than the HTC desire. The reason is simple, these phones don't offer 1% of functionalities of what an average smart-phone offers
  9. they are switching to Sony Super LCD. LCD is a dead end, AMOLED is the future man. But I have gotta say, IPS-LCD Retina is really amazing, in terms of level of details (esp. when viewing text) it is much much much better than Super AMOLED display on Samsung Wave (I say Wave becos it has a smaller screen compared with Galaxy S thus higher ppi) but is inferior to Super AMOLED in just everything else. I really look forward to seeing the HD-Super AMOLED display that's rumoured to be coming with the next generation of Galaxy S. That's when I will be getting rid of my Omnia II
  10. There's nothing wrong with the Omnia II in terms of Hardware, the same hardware can run Android pretty smoothly (Samsung Galaxy is pretty smooth, and its CPU, S3C6400 @ 530MHz is slower than the Omnia II's [email protected] CPU). It's just Windows Mobile that's making everything slow. before you all gang up on me I will tell you I have tried JE1, JE2 full & ultra lite roms (and KSTAN JXX WM6.5.x roms). Both are ok fast but in comparison to Android 2.1 on my dad's HTC desire, they are as slow as fu*k. As for the ultra lite versions of the 2 roms, well, they are fast until I install all the apps I use the phone becomes clunkey again More to the point the Graphical effects on WM are absolutely shite. HTC has chipped in so much efforts into making the graphical effects (ie. opening and closing programmes) great on the HD2, yet it's s*** in comparison to even Galaxy i7500. Just take loading up the phone dialer as an example: On Samsung Omnia II, Acer Neotouch and Toshiba TG01, the dialer loads up "by section", ie. Omnia II's dialer load up process: the bottom right of the dialer appears first, then it "spreads across" the screen until eventually it reaches the top left corner. On the other hand when Android loads up the phone dialer, the entire thing loads up at once. The only WM phones I have seen loading up the phone dialer smoothly are the Touch Diamond 2, HD2 and HD Mini (the HTC WM devices I have ever laid my hands on). But then again s*** graphical effect doesn't just limit itself to the dialer, other WM default apps and some OEM apps also have s*** graphical effects. Obviously the HTC devices I have mentioned above are no exception. Now having finished ranting about the graphical effects and speed of Windows Mobile, I am going onto the GUI of the OS. One word: after 10 yrs of development, it is plaine shite! I can honestly see no difference between WM6.5, WM6.1, WM6 and older versions of WM, such as WM5 except a few joke additions such as the Lockscreen (I don't ever understand why ppl will bother using this LC, it's ugly and RAM hungry. Bascially it is a failed attempt by M$ to try to copy iphone's slider LC) and the new Honeycomb menu. You can't customise it and the worst of all problems, you should know that in the start-up process, honeycomb already eats up so much ram, when you load it up once the phone has booted up, it eats a few more mb of RAM, that's one of the main reasons why there's a 20mb start-up accessible free RAM difference between WM6.1 and WM6.5 (both of which have 117mb of RAM reservation), you should also note that on the Touch Diamond 2 (which i have played around before) the same problem is also there (WM6.1: start-up free RAM, 140mb; WM6.1: start-up free RAM, 110mb). And the titainium theme is fancy, but I don't like it. As for WM6.5.3, well they made the right move by making it more finger friendly but that's also where the problem is. what they have done is basically they have enlarged the text based icons into large infinitely uglier text based icons. So to me, it's still pretty damn shite. Now I know Samsung and HTC have done alot to change the GUI. But if you have ever used an HTC desire, you will notice that the Sense UI on the Desire is so much better than the one on the HD2 in terms of speed, look and graphical effects. The closet WM GUI that can match those of Android is the SPB mobile shell, but then again, it still falls behind Android UIs. The bottom line is: no matter what you do with WM, it's still shite. All in all, I was hoping that M$ would blow me away with WM6.5, that was why I chose to upgrade my Omnia i900 to Omnia II. but as soon as it (Wm6.5) came out, all the hopes were destroyed by that garbage. Then WM6.5.3 came along. Although I have to say WM6.5.3 is what WM6.5 should've been, it's still inferior to Android in terms of the things I have ranted above. More to the point, it looks fu*king ugly. Now I am back using HZHJC2 full rom, I get 71mb start up RAM (now down to 68mb). To me both WM6.1 (86mb star-up RAM) and WM6.5 (JC2) full roms offer me good multi-tasking capability as I am not a heavy multi-tasker, with a little help from Chainfire Autoclose patch, I can go on for at least 2.5 days before I reboot my phone. tbh, I don't see why people will multi-task when browsing the internet, it (Opera/IE) eats up so much RAM (at least 17mb) and it slows down the phone (even the HD gets slowed downed by Opera .....or IE). To end the rant, I will continue putting up with WM until Android offers better support to document editing, e-mail apps etc.... so I will use this amazing O2 until Android becomes more mature. RANT OVER!!! PS. the likes of HD2, Ominia II really are amazing, they offer so much functionalities hardware wise (playing Resident Evil 3 on my O2 is so much better than when the movie is played on my cousins iphone 3GS, bith in terms of colour contrast and clarity). in terms of software functionalities WM is still the best, but the above issues + many others really irritate the hell out of me (ie. MMS is so slow on WM default SMS client, Samsung skinned SMS is much faster but still it's slower than the SMS app on Android). I love my Omnia II.
  11. Crayon Physics doesn't run snappily on mine either, but it's ok considering the fact that smooth response doesn't make much of a difference on CP Asphalt 4 HD runs just as smooth as Krazy Kart on my phone PS. FPU enabler speeds up Crayon Physics (to the point where it runs as snappily as it does on iphone) but I don't run it becos it crashes with certain widgets (online widgets) on the homescreen (the crash lasts until I re boot the phone)
  12. mine runs really fast. but it's just a little too hard to control the kart because the accelarometer is wayy too sensitive on mine. PS. I have Open GL driver installed and I don't even run FPU enabler
  13. I = 2009 L = December 5 = version 5 J = 2010 C = March so your first updated rom is actually newer than the current rom you have
  14. and not to mention that the Omnia II case is entirely made out of plastic. In other words, there's no cat in hell chance, under any normal circumstances, that our hands (electrical conductors) will ever get to make contact with the Antenna. Unless you're doing the Apple way in which you strip off the plastic casing and hold the exposed hardware with your bare hands, then in this case you may get signal drops
  15. that is the single biggest lie by Steve Jobs to date, I know no WM devices can match the iphone in terms of user friendliness, visual effects (in fact WM visual effects even with HTC Sense Manila 2.5 installed are worse than the visual effects on Samsung Jet) and smoothness. But one thing that the Omnia II is superior to the rest of the smartphones is that signal strength is the best and the most consistent I have ever come across (I have had an i900 Omnia, i8000H Omnia II, my Dad has an HTC Desire, my cousin owns an Google Nexus One, HTC Desire and HTC HD2, and my other cousins have Iphone 3GS, Nokia N97) In fact I have done the test myself. I hold my phone with my left hand, right hand, both hands, upside down, the back cover facing my face, but I do not lose 1 drop of signals

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