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  1. I downloaded and installed the GPSActivator cab. Starting up GPStest 1.4, it searches for an available COM and then starts up pretty much straight away. After a couple of minutes it has a good lock on several satellites. I have an Australian carrier Samsung i617t so my success may be due to how my device has been set up.
  2. Thanks. That MoDaCo.SmartphoneGPSActivator.COM4.CAB, right? That's a fairly old cab. Will it work safely on WM 6.1? I ask this because I downloaded the GPSID cab and was told it was not suitable for my device. So, I had to hard reset my BJII to remove it. If anyone can confirm that this activator works on 6.1, that would be great. Thankyou.
  3. I have a BJII running WM 6.1 with an Australian carrier. I want to enable GPS on my device but I don't need all the other functions as many are already enabled and in any case, I don't need or want to change settings. Is it possible to get a small cab that just enables GPS on COM6? If not, would installing the tweak pack conflict with settings which are already enabled on my device. Regardless, I'd still prefer just the one tweak for the GPS if that could be had.
  4. Can anyone post a screen shot of what the tweak pack options look like on the BJII?
  5. Try starting up the onboard gps utility first, wait till it ngets a satellite fix and then start up GPStest. See if that works.
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