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  1. it decided it wouldnt charge today ;) i didnt drop it or anything! wut happened? is there any way to fix this without solding or wutever (i did a search and the solution was to solder) or am i gonna have to find a new phone :D
  2. it showed up on my phone today. ive never had this before. wut does it mean? it looks like this o_o
  3. im about to by a new oem battery. all these hard resets/flashing dont seem to be working anymore. how long should i charge the new battery for when i get it?
  4. everything is workin fine after i reinstalled outlook
  5. but i had no problems with syncing everything until now. it was working fine 2 weeks ago until now when i got back from vacation. but anyways how can i back up my contacts in outlook before i reinstall?
  6. another problem now! i jus uninstalled activesync and tried to install it again but now that isnt working either. i dl the install file off microsoft and when i open it, it jus extracts all the files but does nothing after that! someone help me
  7. thats the problem. when i do that there is no box for me to check the other items. only inbox is available to be checked
  8. i dont kno wut i did but now when i connect my phone to my pc to synch, only my inbox will synch everything else (tasks,contacts,calendar) do not show up! how do i fix this. i dont want to have to punch in all my contacts on my phone! someone plz HELP ME!
  9. when i try it says "Note that connecting automatically may result in higher connection charges" does that mean i will get charged for using this??? im using tmobile in the usa any help is appreciated.
  10. can someone show me how to setup my email on mpx200?? i tried hotmail but it didnt work. :|
  11. im havin the same problem. after closing IE the G remains at the top of the reception bars. and doesnt go away unless i turn off/on my phone. how can i get rid of the G without having to reboot?
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