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  1. You can increase even more i put 100000000 seconds there.
  2. http://www.toshiba-europe.com/mobile/Mobil...T%3d0%3bSEC%3d3
  3. A aparut windows 6.5 pentru Romania oficial intrati pe site la Toshiba si downloadatil.
  4. orly_mihai

    Possible to SIM unlock?

    I'm totaly agry with you but if you have a contract and made that only for taking the phone on a cheap way and don't make extra cost they don't gain (win) to much if you use another operator and pay only the month charges but if you use only there contract and call on another operator number they gain much more and this is one case too.
  5. orly_mihai

    Possible to SIM unlock?

    I tell you why they don't want to unlock them because if you unlock the phone you may change the operator to vodafone,o2... and they will lost a client.
  6. orly_mihai

    TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    It is a way to correct this problem i send some maill to toshiba and one day came back a maill that tells me to download the uk rom and install it.I install that rom without the sddl+ just use that sddl that came with the uk rom and surprise now it's working without noise durring calls.
  7. orly_mihai

    battery for tg01

    Look in here there are. http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/toshi...shiba-tg01.html
  8. Baieti dupa ce am trimis mai multe mailuri la toshiba fiti atenti ce am primit.Deci pana la urma vine si pentru noi updatul. Thank you for your request. Your reference number is contained above in the subject line. The support team will review your request and post a reply with an update as soon as possible. ----Original Message---- TG01 |----------------------------------------------------------------------| | | |Good evening.I have a question. | | | |When it will be release the windows mobile 6.5 upgrade for toshiba | |tg01 for romania? | | | |And another one if i upgrade to windows mobile 6.5 can i downgrade | |then to 6.1? | | | |Many thanks. | | | |Happy new year. | | | |----------------------------------------------------------------------| This email has been scanned for all known viruses by BT MessageScan, powered by MessageLabs. Implemented by Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, IS Department. ______________________________________________________________________ This email has been scanned by the MessageLabs Email Security System. For more information please visit http://www.messagelabs.com/email
  9. I get this error."Upgrade image not found,copy image to prg folder...".I have that copy but seems to tell me this.
  10. With that one year old technology i tell you a thing.I was having samsung omnia i900 and i change it 2 months ago with a nokia n97.One week ago i gived my n97 with his new technology for an HTC HD and a money difference.And i tell you the HTC HD is much better then n97 and that thing with new technology i don't belive it anymore.
  11. And your opinion is that HTC HD is better than Omnia I8000?I have a HTC HD and i want to change it with an omnia I8000.
  12. Just extract the archive copy the folder in my storage then make a shortcut of the exe in the windows start menu\programs and you can use it.The photos are saved in the folder on my storage. OmniaFrontCamera.zip
  13. Hy Ryrzy.Do you have a cab for that M2d theme.I realy like it and i want to instal it without the rom.Many thanks.

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