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  1. ELVI92 I dont think if is the same, but looks like it
  2. Great new ROM. Wheather works fine for me here 23519 MD2 Version, cant set wallpaper. Going to settings, clicking Wallpaper nothing happends
  3. I don´t want save nothing in my Phone, only the SMS and Call Log What is the easy way to do that? I´m using DXID1 WM6.1 and will Install DXID1 WM6.5 Thanks
  4. Steff, will SPB Mobile shell 3.5.3 works in your Normal ROM? I mean, it will be possible to change the Theme Color in SPB Mobile Shell using your Windows Mobile 6.5 Roms?
  5. I´m looking too for some applications. Not useful application, like the ant walking around the screen, the pop-corn, the Beer (Diammond Beer do not works well), and more funny applications
  6. SPB Mobile Shell v3.5.3 works in your Normal ROM? I mean, it´s possible to change the theme color?
  7. Nice topic As can I see, PUIE1 still the newest Phone part yet Where is the DXIF1 Phone Part?
  8. New version of SPB Mobile Shell released toda December, 29 http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...85-new-version/
  9. Version 3.5.3 (Dec 29, 2009): OpenGL ES 2.0 support in SPB Carousel Windows Mobile 6.5 icons support Miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations Download link: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/pocketpc-s...l/download.html You have 30 days Trial Version Price for software registration: $29,95 and you have 30 days Money Back
  10. Special thanks to user Jamesie Hi flashing your Omnia is possible in windows 7 XP mode and is really easy to do - below is a modified version of sectors tutorial for standard XP with a few additional steps (In bold) required to flash in windows 7 XP mode Flashing in windows 7 /XP mode 1. Install Windows XP mode for free if you have windows 7 from: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx (once) 2. start virtual XP in full screen mode 3. Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (first time use only) 4. Install the Samsung Modem Driver XP (first time use only) 5. Reboot the virtual XP to full screen 6. After these first steps try to disconnect your Omnia from USB and connect it back on using the "Attach i900" in the USB menu at the top of full screen virtual XP mode. Repeat it 1-2 times so the PC can recognize the phone. It is advised to reboot your virtual XP back to full screen. (first time use only) 7. Make sure that you have a backup of all your important stuff (contacts, pictures etc). 8. Switch OFF the phone by holding the Power button for ~5 seconds. 9. Run the updater. (Works the same way for Original or Cooked ROMs) 10. Switch ON the phone again by holding the Power button. 11. Press "attach i900" in the USB menu at top of full screen virtual XP when you hear device attached sound 12. Press START on the updater and your phone will start flashing. Do not move your phone or the USB wire as it might fail during flashing 13. after a few seconds the phone reboots - Press "attach i900" in the usb menu at top of full screen virtual XP when you hear device attached sound and flashing will continue. 14. Wait until the updater shows JOB DONE! DO NOT DISCONNECT BEFORE. 15. Disconnect your phone. 16. Leave the phone to reboot 2 times, calibrate screen and finish the start-up procedure. 17. Enjoy the new firmware. pretty straight forwards, I hope this helps, but as always flashing is risky if not done properly and i don't accept responsibility for mishaps
  11. OK, but its now a new version of Windows XP Mode Works like a VMWare. I will try Thanks
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