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  1. seems wifi broken on this version :( i can't connet to any wifi
  2. having problem with updating weather... when updating weather, on home screen showing showing sunny icons and on weather tab showing thunderstorm (nothing changes since first install and updating to sb30). the question is is that needed to update twice (homescreen and weather tab) to get same icons on both (home screen and weather tab)?
  3. yup already doing this. but there is different update from homescreen and from weather tab bro..
  4. @mr contable bro, when i updateing weather from main page, the weather set to celcius, but when i updating weather from weather tab, the weather become farenheit, not celcius.. sometimes the weather changing from F to C by it self when i updating weather.. i already edit jmltoday.ini to set weather to celcius, but seems dont work.. here some screenshoot for you :lol: how to fix it?
  5. ok i'll try edit : im trying to edit.. but im so confuse... maybe anyone can help me?
  6. so how to set default icon to 3D only bro? sorry for asking so many times :lol:
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