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  1. Just curious, X. What are you using now? What phone/rom? If android, are you developing?
  2. Yeah, I do. But on boot a popup comes saying the radio is off, do you want to turn it on. I was just trying to get rid of that. I can swear I remember someone here had a Rom designed to be just a media player with no phone function, but I can't find it.
  3. Hey, X - since you're here, do I remember you having a Rom that removed the phone radio, making the phone just a media player? I'm sure someone here did, but I can't find it. I turned the i920 into a video/mp3 player for my 10 year old boy. I turned the radio off, but I'd like to not have the popup about the radio at boot.
  4. Hey, AMD. Are you still hanging around here? I have a question for you.
  5. I don't think you'll regret it. Android is just so much more dynamic than WinMo - I was shocked when I moved over to the Thunderbolt. And, I can't speak for the Charge dev comunity, but the T-bolt has some amazing work going on. Adrynalyne has a group of Devs called Team BAMF, and they've not only got Gingerbread, but elements of Sense 3.0 working on the device! (Sense looked great on our Omnia II, but due to the phone's limitations, it ran kind of laggy) That said, I do have some minor regrets - I really miss the amoled screen. The TFT on the Thunderbolt looks so bland by comparison, and is next to useless in sunlight. Also, I miss the stereo speakers on the O2. They were loud and sounded great. Finally, there's the battery life. I can't even speak about it, it's so upsetting. How in the hell could HTC think a 1400mah battery would be enough for a phone with a 4-inch TFT backlight, and both a 4g and 3g radio? Our O2s have a 1500mah, and thet's with only a 3g radio, and a 3.7-inch amoled. And the battery life on them was only acceptable. (But, 4G speed really rocks!)
  6. Congrats. The focus does look nice, and playing with it at the ATT store, I did find it very smooth. But, due to a bad experience I had with ATT 11 years ago, I've refused to go back to them, and I won't any time soon. I'm also not on entirely board with MS playing Apple with this OS - can't customize the UI, only apps from app store, the genral lock down of the OS requiring a "jailbreak" to access some features fully. I didn't expect it to be exactly like Android (anything goes), but I was hoping for more of a middle ground. I haven't had a terrible experience with WM6.5 (though it is dated compared to iOS/Android), and was looking forward to WP7. Their reaction to the first "jailbreak" was encouraging. Now, I'm on a more wait and see holding pattern. It doesn't matter what I think, though. All that matters is you love it, and it sounds like it's only going to get better for you! I would have given serious thought to a WP7 phone on VZW, or even just a different LTE enabled handset, but they just cornered me. I'd have loved more choices, and I was planning to hold out. But time ran out, and if I waited any longer, I'd have been forced into the 2-year contract, and possibly into tiered data. Had to jump. BTW, Verizon contacted me today, and they credited me the $80 difference in phone price - so I'm a bit happier today!
  7. PA is reporting the Bionic has been cancelled, and it's successor (Targa) will take the name Bionic when it arrives. They claim to have inside sources who say the Bionic (codenamed Etna) has been scrapped due to issues they couldn't work out between the this phone and the LTE radio chipset, plus the power issues. According to these sources, testers with the Etna have been ordered to disocntinue testing send them back in. I wanted to wait also, not necessarily for the Bionic, but to see what LTE phones drop and have some choice - Verizon made that impossible. They turned the screw on me anyway by eliminating 1-year contracts online on the 12th (with no advance warning, of course). When I logged into my account on the 11th to check what the 1-year upgrade price of the Thunderbolt would be, my price was $239.99 - not bad. A day later, when I'd decided to to go for it, I found the online 1-year option removed, and was told I'd have to call in for a 1-year upgrade. When I did, the price had magically jumped to $319.99, an $80 jump. The price had been $239.99 for a 1-year extension everytime I had logged in since the T-Bolt came out, but when I actually go for it, $319.99. I'm not really happy, but at least this one year extension gets me more in line with the other lines in my family plan for upgrade time. If the 1-year plans are still gone by then, I'm off to Sprint. If I am trapped in 2-year contracts, I might as well get better value for it.
  8. Verizon forced my hand - I wanted to wait for more 4G phones to be released, and see if any gems drop out, but I don't want to be locked in for two more years. (And I also don't want to get stuck when the tiered data comes along. Assuming they make as much effort to inform customers as they did with the 1 year contracts going away, there's a good chance I wouldn't find out until I tried to renew.) So, I re-upped today for 1 year with a Thunderbolt. It's not really the phone I want, and if something else drops within the 14 day trial period, it may go back. But, my (t)rusty Omnia II is being retired. (Heh - the 14 day trial starts today, even though I won't receive the phone until Monday or Tuesday. Verizon is really going backwards in customer service) Let's be honest, it had decent sounding specs, and a beautiful amoled screen, but otherwise was a real piece of garbage. But thanks to the kind folks here, it was tolerable, and even in some ways good. Shemmy, Steel, AMDZero, Xlightwaverx, and of course the man who made it all possible initially, WoZZer - a heartfelt thank you to you all. There are also the others who helped make this a better device - Epsylon3 for S3Clock, NuShrike for FPUEnabler, Mirko Schenk for MortScript. I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them all right now. All of you made this smartphone so much smarter than it initially was, and in turn made my life much easier. Then there are the rest of you, the forum regulars who always chimed in with help when a semi-literate like myself got lost or confused. Thanks to all of you, too. It's time to start a new learning curve - rooting, superuser access, deodexing - it's all greek to me. I only hope the folks in the T-Bolt forum at XDA are as kind and understanding and helpful as everyone here. I'll very likely still check back in here just to see what's going on every so often. I still do in the i910 Modaco forum, and it's till alive and kicking!
  9. Cool. Is sense a Today item in this rom, or is it just a startup item like on your previous? Just curious.
  10. Well, I reactivated the Samsung lock and called my phone, and it didn't lock. The lock only came on after screensaver timeout, so I don't have any idea what's going on with your install. Sorry.
  11. Silly question, but did you uncheck the Samsung lockscreen in Samsung settings? I have it unchecked (I don't use any lockscreen), and I don't get it when a call comes in. When I first flashed, I would get it when the screensaver timed out, until I unchecked it. Didn't get a call before I unchecked, so I don't know if it would have.
  12. I gotta say, X - I was a bit skeptical - I've tried ROMs from almost every chef who's graced us here, but I always went back to AMD's work. But, this new V.2 test of yours is pretty damned good. 6.5 is much smoother and faster than 6.5.x, and I haven't had any lockups since install. I'm also not bleeding ram like I always have with the 6.5.x ROMs - I rebooted to about 80mb last night, and after using it at work all night (Opera, Core Player, GrooveMobile, etc...) I'm still at 77mb today - nice. Since I knew I wasn't going to use Sense, I dropped your PP to 12mb before I flashed, and use SPB MS3.5 with MSkip's Freedom Pro Plus. I haven't applied your patch yet - and I may not, since it's plenty fast and smooth without it. I prefer 6.5.x for it's layout - having the X and menu buttons at the bottom just makes it easier to hit them with my thumb while palming the phone. In my right hand, I can't reach the menu boutton at all without using my other hand. But I don't need the menu button anymore with MS3, and I can tap the X area with my thumb, so this works for me. Now, I've got a dilemma - do I stick with X920 for a while, or do I flash back to an AMD creation? I need a second i920, or a dual boot config! A beverage is coming your way.
  13. Yeah, I guess that is what I mean. I am trying Xlightwaver's newest ROM with his patch for a bit (the patch bungled my install on your latest test 4). I installed it on here, and used vjbrisk (what a great find this is - thanks for it.) to assign it to the long send key press, but it doesn't show a data switch, only phone, wifi router, etc...
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