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  1. Beat me to it, I was just about to post this lol :)
  2. I've had mine for over a month now, what a great phone it is and ics is just round the corner to :) can't wait
  3. Flashtool is now released ;)
  4. Had my neo for a couple of months now, great phone.
  5. Happy new year everyone from the garden of england :(
  6. Nice one speedfrog, you certainly are a lucky fella :P
  7. :P Now that was lucky ;) Have you got it working yet ?
  8. T mobile were quoting me £35 a month contract for 2 years just for an upgrade which gave me the same minutes text and internet that I already have which only costs me £20 a month with them at the moment :D yea rip off I thought so I went to the carphone warehouse looking at buying a new phone sim free then lo and behold the nice manager there told me I could upgrade with them for £200 and keep my same contract for only a year :D bonus I thought so I jumped at it.
  9. It was the camera that put me off the SGS thats why I was looking at the DHD or N8, so glad I got the N8 because the camera is superb and the free satnav is excellent :P
  10. Congrats on your new gadget buddy :D when I played with the SGS I thought the screen was fantastic.
  11. Thats it or you could search the rom section here for our official rom B)
  12. I think what Lancez means is to make sure you have downloaded all 4 parts of your official rom or another official rom ie, phone.bin, eboot, csc and mst so that you can flash back to an official rom if you need to B)
  13. Oh I am :) I just can't get used to not flashing all the time lol ;)
  14. Is this a new rom I see buddy, dam I would of loved to have tried it, keep em coming B)
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