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  1. Problem with the Omnia II's OLED screen is that it supports a much higher color scheme than WinMo, so it will still be limited to 65K colors instead of the 16 million the screen is capable of. The resolution is the same at 256 ppi at 800x480 vs the Droid's 256 ppi at 854x480. Both the Omnia and Droid have 5MP cameras, so they should be fairly equal in that respect. I can't stop looking at the HTC HD2 for my next phone.
  2. Thank you very much, sir. You are a pimp and a scholar.
  3. Sorry in advance for the off-topic post, but I have to vent. I HATE RAPIDSHARE!!!! I have been trying for the last 3 hours to download GPSSettings and Midomi through the links posted in the Omnia Lite Apps That Run on Omnia thread, and I keep getting "Try again in two minutes or become a premium member". AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  4. Seems a little unstable. Freezes up quite a bit. The skin for WMM can't be located. Thanks for the upload and the work. Love the look, just not stable enough for a "daily driver".
  5. BW, big thanks for these ROMs! I have flashed to the Titanium and have run into a small issue. When I go to messaging and exit out, the soft keys stay the same. What I mean is that the soft keys are still associated with the messaging app as opposed to the current frame of the today screen. A soft reset fixes the problem until I go back into messaging. Any ideas?
  6. OK, sorry for my prolonged absence, but I have updated the firmware download link to redirect to the http://www.theidoctor.org/omnia.html page. You may find the new firmware here.
  7. Dude, don't play into the nerd stereotype! Go outside for a bit! :excl: j/k!!!
  8. Video is fine for me. Try a soft reset. I have not had any issues other than it seeming that the screen rotation animations are a little slow.
  9. Read the guide. You shouldn't just be clicking on EBOOT. "4. Click the "EBOOT+PDA+PHONE(+CSC)" button."
  10. worked for me after setting location to on in phone settings and soft reset. Got a GPS warning and now its working fine. Confirmed with GarminXT and GMaps
  11. Mine is working with "Managed by Windows" in GMaps.
  12. Just wanted to throw out there, all I did after install of the new ROM was to set "Location" to On and install VZNav. Nav never worked for me on this ROM, but GMaps is working with "Managed by Windows" setting and giving a quick fix with AGPS--> 6 sats in my living room.
  13. Guys, GPS is working!!! Google maps getting accurate AGPS fix and 6 sats in my living room all in about 30 seconds!!!
  14. Yeah, realized what you meant after I clicked Post! I did have it on. I just uninstalled it and got it off of the App Zone. It's working now.
  15. OK, this may not be related, but I tried to start VZNav after this update and it cannot initialize the GPS.
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