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  1. Absolutely! Of course you have to make sure location is turned on as stated above.. But I use GPSToggle which goes to the Today Screen.. and has to be turned on and turned off from there, annoying but once that finds the sat's everything else works instantly. BW used to include that with his ROM's, but it can still be found.
  2. Since this is an important feature for me, what would the most recent solid build be that does not have this issue?
  3. :( BW, I now have 2 Omnia's in the house, any chance for this Voice Command fix? I 'do' have (purchased in the past) MS VC 1.6. 1. What version is on the phone? 2. Could this just be installed over the ROM? :)
  4. Good Afternoon, BW... Any luck with the shortcuts/cab? Seems like this thread is about dead, but hopefully we can get this resolved.
  5. I'm beginning to read/think that newer may not be better. :)
  6. BW, #1: :) Okay, I'll bump my own question and add a new one... #2: If you are unable to create a new MS3.5 BW 1.4, what do we need to know to install MS3.5 to our current 1.4? #3: Will the current MS Widgets work with 3.5? Thanks
  7. Just soooo happy with 1.4 MS3 that there is no reason to go anywhere else: My question: What is with Voice Command? No matter how many times I set it to "On", after a soft reset, it is not activated. Been following this build since 1.2, not sure I've seen this one.
  8. If you have MS3 as a result of flashing from post 2, you will have to flash to a different ROM. Just go over top with whatever C03 version suits you.
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