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  1. I don't know about the card, but open up file explorer(start/applications/file explorer) and navigate to where you saved the ringtones and cut them into the windows folder(start/windows) It should then show up on the list
  2. never mind. I just sat my phone outside for half an hour and when I came back I was hooked on 5, with 8 in view. I turned it off the gps and took it inside and did it again and it took not even 30 seconds. Sweet! Thanks for this pack
  3. okay I downloaded this cab and installed it. I don't have Garmin on my phone yet because I just got it, and I don't have my memory card yet, but I'm trying to get everything set up. So after installing this I downloaded gpstest v 1.4 and ran it, but nothing happened. It looked through the COMs and then started searching for the gps and after 10 minutes or so, nothing happened. What should I do?
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