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  1. I have had the same type of issues on my DroidX. I used the simple steps in the link I added that was posted for a Acer problem . After a full reboot seems to be ok. Don't know if the "fix" will stay but at least i can now up date my apps You really do not need to watch the clip. http://www.arctablet...ull-access-fix/
  2. You'll really like the TB its a rocket. Follow MyDroidWorld.com. p3droid has a lot going on as well as bgil55 . rooted and Rom'ed maybe my next phone also but still liking my DroidX.
  3. ThunderBolt way sooner then you think....next week'ish (new word)
  4. Having a DX I can't agree with you completely. The fragmentation of Android is seriously over rated. Even with my Locked bootloader the Developers are doing great things. Moto's bootloader will be defeated but then theres always HTC. I hope WP7 pulls it off but I personally won't be looking a Windows phone in the near or distant future. Heck I've even gone to Linux LOL ! I wish that MoDaCo's android forums were as robust as the Windows side . I truly miss the teamwork feeling. :D :D
  5. *****This is your new Android talking **** If your want to be a fruit,get the iPhone, HOWEVER the iPhone 5 is coming soon which will be way better (if its comes to VZW) mainly 4" screen is rumored. HOWEVER seeing that your into modifying phone GO Android. You have to ask yourself where have all the GREAT chefs gone ? Now how many have returned back to Windows ? You should also realize that Winmo phones are LOW in users as compared to IOS or Android market share something like 5% . There are graphs available to back up what I just stated.. Just some quick thoughts , Also really think about a one year contract ! The extra you pay is well worth not having the frustration of waiting one more LONG year. (the second year is longer.really)!!! Look at the "ThunderBolt" Best to ya :D :D :)
  6. A few thoughts about your issue.. I read that some SD's have a mechanical lock ??? A couple of time I scrambled my SD by switching from mass storage to PC mode and pulling my USB too quickly, now I wait 10 seconds. Hopefully these comments spark a solution.
  7. kick the tires on a few android threads . ( not MoDaCo) You my like whats going on. Best to you :) ;)
  8. Sorry about your loss . (really) If you investigate further you'l; find that the fork truck was control'd by a wayward android. time to assimulate :) ;)
  9. Gtab has been really opened up. try mydroid world. :) :)
  10. here's a start http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/fascinate/ :) :)
  11. Hi! Read that yesterday sounds like LTE maybe a GB eater. A real profit center for VZW. Like anything new though, In a year all hopefully will settle down so us poor folk can enjoy it..... ;) :P
  12. Welcome to the Green Side....Your assimilation has begun. LOl The i920 & i910 are (were) great phones but things have changed much over the last two or more years. I started here at MoDaCo so thats why I have a deep respect for all the "Chefs": as you had stated Snapz54. I currently using the Fission 2.2.2 Rom by Angdroid so i'm on those sites. Hope to see you On MDW or XDA. ;) :P
  13. Nice modifications ! If I still had my O2 this would be a must have app. B) :) :)
  14. Verizon and if you couldn't tell LOL. Some really great phones coming out soon WM & Android tough choice . Android is now 37% of the Market place IOS (Apple) is 37% WM only 5% may Change a bit with WP7. B) :)
  15. +1 and drag Ninja with ya LOL You've done a lot for the i920 your Rom was the first one I had tried . :) :(
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