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  1. Got myself a liquid A1/s100 from ebay mint condition and unlocked for £123. Got N1 and palm pre but was looking for something in mid with snapdragon CPU. Well fully satisfied for the price :-)
  2. All the googling points to posts that are earlier in the year with Modaco 2.9 ROM. Since a lot has changed and we're at official 2.1, Anyone recently unlocked one on any Custom ROM's or tried and failed?? Can you pls post where you got unlock code and which ROM was used. Cheers!
  3. If that's on idle overnight, then you defo have drain problem.
  4. I recently pulled my auction as there was general lack of interest and for the money, most phones on ebay were not my types. The closest I came was for £150 offer which was reasonable but decided to give it a go for another couple months as I believe the phone will still fetch around £110. By then other phones could come down a bit and more affordable. How they compare average in ebay: IPhone 3g 8GB £190 Nokia E71 £120 Sony Ericsson Vivaz £180 Sony Ericsson Satio £160 Blackberry Storm 9500 £150 Nokia N95 8GB £110 Nokia 5800 express £90 Samsung I8910hd £180 And no one wants to be Hero :). Good thing is for first time I'm seeing Palm Pre in the range of Hero. Anyway GL. Just want to see what others value their phones. mine: £155-170
  5. B) I'm not eager to go in drain of rumours until I actually see happening. I would love to come back in 6 months to reply here if anyhow comes out to be different(same as Hero) :blink: :P :D :huh: A bit off but How is your HD2 doing compare to Hero? Damn seriously, I miss WinMo now. Despite OS having few problem, you can almost do anything possible within the processing power , lots of support, lots of different ports and everyone's look completely different. Once we had "Screenshots" thread here, and most interesting part was to see what's in extra home screens :o . Can't remember but most struggled to put anything in 5-7. Don't use Hero that much these days (gone back to Nokia N82) but I've got 3 home screens empty after running out of idea B). Saving few quids and keeping Hero intact for sale.
  6. Wondering why people still interested in Desire and not N1? With Desire , this is re-wind with Hero when 2.2/2.5 is out :P I'm not due upgrade until Feb 2011. With the pace that Google going on with Android development, even if carrier offered me a free phone of choice, I will not touch Android based phone for another 7/8 months. Just wondering anyone in UK here who wants to trade my Hero(locked to Orange)+cash for Palm pre. Still banging my head that for fiver saving per month, I made a wrong decision :huh:
  7. And only smile that brought on me was this last line... Oh Hero as "Legacy model" ;) ;)
  8. ;) We're talking about smartphone here mate. These days it's very very common for updates even for digital cameras, MP3's etc. On a very fiercely fought competitive market, manufacturers nowadays DO provide regular updates to fix something that was not apparent initially on release or put on market too soon. Depending on the usage, it's upto consumers whether they can risk the updates or not. Agreed HTC did provided updates for Hero. The problem is the version 1.5 on Hero while Google has already moved to higher numbers. Almost all new phones are being released with new 2.1 system. Now the Android is blooming, developers are jumping and applications are being released to improve the functionality of "Smartphone". Somewhere online you see a recommended application which you think is what you need but doesn't support older 1.5 android. Fine and continues with life only to find that list continues to grow upto the point of frustration. As the applications are not compatible with previous Android, It is my belief that 2.1 has major updates than meet the eye. Yeah we can blame devs but where 1.5 versions was available, functions were very limited than that was running on newer 2.1. Codes for 2.1 was already released by Google, it's just that HTC failed to put on place for Hero. Again agree that I've paid for Hero with 1.5 but only bought after doing some research when newer versions were expected to be released soon. I'm a huge fan of HTC, used them when most people never heard of the company and recommended my friends the phones. Now it seems that they have finally turned BIG ;) . It's a disappointment.
  9. :( maybe everyone trying Eris, legend and now CDMA Hero port. Most known devs here already moved to Nexus and have no time for Heroes. According to Paul, 1.5 is already at it's maximum performance and there's nothing anymore to do with it. Official 2.1 from HTC is round the corner...only problem is we all are walking with Hero on hands and round the corner never seems to be nearer :P . Anything but Happy!
  10. I too share these thoughts. Next update, I'll have clearer idea of where Android heading to and from the experiences on Hero, I'm definitely not putting HTC on top 3 lists (at least not for Android based).
  11. Agree. I tried 2 eris port and both were very stable for normal day use. The battery drain was no go on earlier versions but now all claimed to have solved it. I'm still on earlier 1.2.3 BeHero but DMAgent removed manually and 3g tweak removed, volume hack . As for Battery drain, I downgraded my radio to and battery drain is no more an issue. I've also noticed on process that newer radio's necessarily doesn't mean any improvements. I'm now getting good signals and "H" icon browsing where before with JU version of radio would struggle to get signal at all (orange UK, location: London). 2 big issues still remains: 1) GPS :at the moment I'm living without it. If you depend on it, forget the upgrade 2) Camera Pics quality are way way worst than on 1.5. I actually found them much better than on reviews with MCR3.0 (compared with my Nokia N82) during daylight. All shots have green tint now. Despite above 2, I'm not going back on 1.5. Everything feels so much smoother. Oh on original topic, interesting to see how legend port fare against eris. Hope Paul's racing against time. GL :mellow: . Somekind of video would be worth watching <_<
  12. starfarer

    Hero paintjob

    <_< I'm the only one prefer grey as it is. Even if don't I will never do another revamp as most of the times I end up with lot worst. A DIY for me is Destroy It Yourself! Interesting and keeping an eye how you end up and whether others will follow suit :mellow:
  13. I'm currently using BeHero 1.2.3 and app2sd working there but not sure whether ext4 works. Checked with adb shell ls -l /data symlink -> system/sd/app present adb shell ls /system/sd/app displays installed apps.
  14. still waiting for download link. How long does it take? Actually I've pre-released one working 100% but I want haptic feedback.
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