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  1. I also have the same problem, my phone came with 6.5 as well. Any news on a fix?? Infinidim :)
  2. Paul, I have a case open currently with HTC UK on teh video performance, the camera performance and teh sync process. All the cases relate to performance. On the video one I was told yesterday that "Taiwan are aware of the issue" and are working to try and resolve it - this came from HTC second level support. On teh otehr two the engineer was going to look into them for me. The only advice I could give would be, if you believ that you have a performance issue with the Kaiser raise a fault with teh HTC Support desk....the more people that do it the more likely HTC are going to take notice. I like my Kaiser but I have to say that the screen performance is poor in some application - I also have a VOX as well and have compred the two and teh VOX I must say is slightly beeter in screen painting........ Infinidim :)
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