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  1. Got mine in Noida from Sec 18 store for 38.3 Kn woohoo
  2. Perhaps I am going to buy tomm at 39 K as mentioned by smart cafe in GIP mall Noida
  3. + 1 , what happened yesterday and today was really Sad , but lets start it from where we left So did anyone receive it ?
  4. sandeeppathak007

    Flash spica I5700 firmware to Android 2.1

    Hi Does this mean that using this method I can Flash my I7500 to the 2.1 firmware of I5700 please suggest
  5. Thanks a lit for the help now by using odin i am running II5 on my galaxy and if i am not wrong then thats the latest one isnt it ?
  6. comon guys is anyone listening i need ur help badly plz somone help.
  7. Hi Pardon me if ts a stupid question , actually i just bought a samsung galaxy yesterday here in india and this is my first Andriod device though i have used winmo for years and flashed them as often as every 2nd day however I am unable to understand how could i flash my galaxy using any of these firmware A simple guide will be amazing thanks for help Also I was wondering if we can upgrade it to Andriod 2.1 if possible and is there any way i can synch my microsoft exchange account using this. Regards Sandeep
  8. Downloading will be flashing it tonight Thanks
  9. sandeeppathak007

    NEED WINMO 6.1 origional Indian ROM

    This Rom was released with the devices shipped for India I think its metalanguage though i never tried to change language and yes the defauls language is english.
  10. Hey where is the download link for ROM to taste
  11. Sounds Interesting to me +1
  12. sandeeppathak007

    FULL & LITE 6.1 BUILD 21056

    Yeah sure please I am just waiting for this to be available for flash.
  13. sandeeppathak007

    FULL & LITE 6.1 BUILD 21056

    Wow you simply Rock so does this mean that the Rom is available for those who got the phone with 6.1 if thats the case then may be you can upload it for people like me and may be I can test and report any Bug if found. Regards Sandeep
  14. sandeeppathak007

    FULL & LITE 6.1 BUILD 21056

    Wow waiting for the download to be available cant wait to flash my phone again.
  15. sandeeppathak007

    MEGAlite ROM 6.5.5 XXIL2

    Please check again the ROM cab fix is still there i think this is the link Downloads: MEGAlite 6.5.5 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SVDHD5O7 FIX Cab http://www.4shared.com/file/239770952/d289...e_655-2354.html Samsung Apps First Batch: (Camera, FM Radio etc.) http://www.4shared.com/file/238408812/e050...alite_655_.html

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