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  1. B) I am too surprised with the fact that phone would not actually charge via the usb cable supplied. To put my experience, I purchased the phone in India, within 3 days of purchase I took back the phone to Customer care with the problem. Phone battery was actually discharging after connecting to USB port via active sync. I was using the cable supplied Model No: APCBS10BSE. Customer Care could not solve the problem & finally replaced the phone. But even after replacement the new phone also showed the same behavior. Searching on net reflected that many i780 users have the same problem. I have done a lot of testing on the phone & am able to identify the cause. Root cause: Phone is actually consuming more power via the active sync that the power drawn from usb. This is because of the back light (screen) & active sync. Any active connection like wireless/GPRS/ Bluetooth worsens the problem. I have tried switching the backlight off using the power button, reducing the brightness, cancelling the activesync on PC so that the phone doesn't synchronize. Every time the charging LED glows & the phone also says charging but the bar never increases & after some time if the cable is disconnected the phone is more discharged. One point worth mentioning is the current delivered by power adapter to charge is 700 mA while the max capacity of a PC USB is 500mA. Solutions available (as on various forums): 1) Don't use the USB cable for charging, use only the supplied adapter for charging. This is the solution I was provided by samsung customer care. But is not acceptable to me. 2) Some third party cables available in market which has different sync & charging pins. Though I haven't tried them but am mentioning. 3) Disabling the active sync in the phone via the connection settings so that the phone doesn't syn with PC. Using this option the backlight also switches off after the pre defined time. This will charge the battery but at a very slow pace. Tried & found working. 4) Making the cable yourself. I know how to solder but don't know the pin connections of the connectors. There are various versions of the USB cable available. The base version is APCBS10. But the subsequent three letters are different. I have seen cables with APCBS10UBE, APCBS10BSE. There may be other versions too. I found BSE type working but UBE is not working/charging. Request other members to provide their cable's model number & whether it is working or not. But overall I am very annoyed with the charging feature of this Phone. This highly featured phone has such basic defect/ limitation that using it becomes very difficult. I think they Samsung developers must have known this flaw & therefore has provided an additional battery. :( Trying some more solutions, will update if any thing works. :P
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