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  1. Firaas

    "Doom" Virus Infections

    Run LiveUpdate from the Norton homescreen and turn on incoming email scanning from Options > Email. This will clean any incoming emails of the Mydoom virus.
  2. Firaas


    Yeah, there was a very very small lag in my conversations but otherwise it kicked phone-quality ass.
  3. Firaas

    Orange Giving Out Free Calls !!!

    Sounds like a load of garbage that a CS rep invented to look clever. If Orange had done this they would be struck down by the ASA/ICSTIS almost instantly - both organisations have become very severe on misleading advertisements involving SMS messages. "Text XXX for £5 of free calls to friends and family abroad" cannot be perceived in any other light, it can only mean that you receive "£5 of free calls to friends and family abroad" - any meaning along the lines of "£5 free if you spend £25 to selected European countries" is obviously and intentionally misleading...
  4. Firaas

    Complaining to Orange

    You might also want to try the Orange Executive Office on 0870 870 0862. It depends on who you get through to as to whether or not they will be willing to take your complaint...
  5. Try http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...4&category=3312 :lol:
  6. Orange has been and always will be perceived as the "manufacturer" by the press and by Joe Bloggs whilst they call the phone the Orange SPV.
  7. Standard out-of-the-box Symbian supports C++, but you can use the Appforge booster to program Visual Basic - this booster needs to be installed on the device though, and the programming addon for VB costs $900 :shock: www.appforge.com There isn't a way to upgrade SPV-equivalents to CE 4.2 (Windows Mobile 2003) at the moment.
  8. If anyone can do it, florin can :lol:
  9. The problem with a one-off signature device is that Orange haven't really done it before with a complicated phone. In my opinion this means that Orange is assuming that a product produced by an unknown manufacturer in Taiwan will be as good (if not better) than a branded product, like a Nokia or Motorola. What they don't seem to have realised is that if they assume this, and don't do the extra required testing and QA, that it severely damages their reputation and abillity to release a signature device in the future. If a Nokia 7250 has a handset-wide flaw, Orange can pass the buck onto Nokia and the press can bitch about Nokia - but your critical journalist isn't going to go out of his way to blame a small company in Taiwan instead of the "manufacturer" Orange. I personally think Microsoft should have a more active role in the testing of the ROMs and handsets. When smaller manufacturers release MS products, they are more likely to sell them as "HTC Microsoft Smartphone" than as "HTC X". People have faith in Microsoft, but this faith is likely to be damaged by HTC's inability to release properly finished phones - you are more likely to perceive a Motorola as a Motorola and an SPV as a Microsoft SP. Both ways Microsoft & Orange lose out 'cos HTC seems to have cocked up...
  10. Are you sure it actually physically checks the account via a GPRS send/receive? It may have synced with your Outlook inbox when you Activesync'ed. To stop this, delete all the emails from your phone, then go to Activesync > Tools > Options, and tick off Inbox under "Desktop".
  11. Firaas

    Apps on the 8 mb

    The applications are: CodeWallet Pro Dockware Ewallet Pocket Slideshow Rebound Power Tasks Listpro AFAIK most of the decent apps on there are trials.
  12. Firaas

    Lotus Easysync 4.2 and E200

    Certain applications which worked with Smartphone 2002 don't with WM2003. There are several changes to 2003, one is the naming of the directories - "IPSM" has been changed to "Storage", and these relatively trivial changes may affect the usage of certain applications.
  13. Firaas


    I'm waiting for Orange to get back to me with an unlock code - they charge £20 but you have to pay your contract in advance first. I got the E200 on Friday - they didn't know that they would be getting stock on Wednesday until late on Tuesday evening, and it was still not a guaranteed date. OSPS don't offer car kits on the SPV range - I know they claim to do theoretically, but none have been dispatched and they claim this is because one doesn't exist.
  14. AFAIK it isn't possible to remap the action key to another key. I know that it was possible in SP2002 to change the action of the voice memo key, but that was only to launch an application other than voice memos - not to change the key it triggered.
  15. Firaas

    Unlock E200

    Yeah, the E200 is locked but you can't unlock it for free at the moment. Still waiting for Orange to get back to me with an unlock code - they charge £20 but you have to pay your contract in advance first.

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