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  1. 能把那a-new-ui文件发一份给我吗?多谢了!
  2. What language you need? I know Chinese, Malays, Hokkien, Cantonese, English :lol:
  3. Woah~I seen light :lol: waiting here, thanks will it having Android ROM for B7610 in future?hehehe
  4. Hm.. on my phone it will hang, everytime i accidentally click into search... and hang when try to sms? I use it on a class2 SDHC memory card, will that influence? as om HTC device they suggest use none SDHC mmc.. sometime, it does not able to boot correctly as well. how to install game on android? i totally no idea....hahaha
  5. daskalos just explained those problem. maybe can make a new division for B7610 which sir daskalos can edit those driver?hehe so sluggish now, freeze quiet frequently and not really freindly. but still thanks to the developer for the posibility ;) what program to sync android with windows? can android market work?
  6. Chef Gnick, any chance for other mirror? i wish to use ur ROM but fielfactory not working in my country....
  7. beside of calllog, seccontact also missing in this ROm which make u unable to save a contact from dialpad. solved by install a seccontact. :P
  8. A few hour later, I finally found the solution of this problem! :P source : [link]http://www.techparaiso.com/windows-mobile/tutorials/213-customizing-sms-and-input-settings-for-your-windows-phone[/link] you can modify it just from simple registry change: hope this help tag: auto completion, compose sms, receipient
  9. sir, where did you get the Omnia 2 Messaging Manager?? can you share the cab file to us? i saw some nice app cation in urs ROm, mind to share?thanks.
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