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  1. Hi Paul, did you need to do anything special to get bluetooth working ? My wind can see my bluetooth when it is switched on (blue light on) but when I click the menu bar to try and enable it within OS X there is not option to turn it on ??? Any ideas ?
  2. nutmanuk

    How many do you know?

    Only me so far, but I like it that way, people think ooo, whats that? rather than oh yeah I've got one and my mates and their mates etc. That bit of exclusivity is nice!
  3. nutmanuk

    Speaker Phone

    Yep, either answer a call first or if you are calling wait for the other party to answer, then hold the button down and hey presto!
  4. nutmanuk

    Speaker Phone

    Hold down the answer button :)
  5. nutmanuk

    Converting files to fit on the SVP

    Don't think they got it NederSoren, what is this SVP? :wink:
  6. Erm Real Madrid 6-5 Man United, sorry just had to get that in! ;)

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