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  1. Don't do it!! I've just returned my second Vario 4 and fought to get a PAC. The Touch Pro seems good, but the Vario 4 is a disaster. Why? Well, for one thing, it ships with the caller ID registry key set to 12. UK numbers are not 12 digits long, so it doesn't recognise anyone that calls or texts you. Not a major problem, as it's easy to fix, but indicative. On the two I've had, they have both frozen up when reaching full charge, unhelpful when charging them overnight and using them as an alarm clock. They have also both frozen up intermittently, during calls, and especially on making or trying to terminate calls on the first. The second was slightly different and appeared to suffer from ADHD. If you turned off push email, it appeared to get bored and claimed to have no signal within 5 minutes, needing a soft reset to get it going again. It also forgot all network settings this afternoon, necessitating a refresh from a Sprite backup to get it working again - this was also coupled with an inability to stay up for longer than 5 mins. All in all, an otherwise *fantastic* phone seriously ruined by an incompetent conversion. Seriously, it's AWFUL!!!!! Battery life is much much better than the Vario 2 or 3, the phone is really fast, and the sound quality is really good. Screen is great as well. I'm hoping to take advantage of all these plus points when I move to Vodafone next week.
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