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  1. Try to find this finger mouse fix somewhere in this topic : http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...september-2009/ I don't give a guarantee that this fix will work on ur rom. On own risk u can try it.
  2. U can try to fix the issue with the finger mouse by the fix from the KC ROM 21001 6.1. Probably this fix will work properly on ur new Rom. Good luck!
  3. Hi to all, can someone provide a link to the background picture from M2D v2 ROM? 10x in advance
  4. QUOTE(MartoKT @ Apr 6 2010, 17:53) * Hi Ock,can u provide a link to this MD2 Classic THEME from 23551 ROM? It is very cool.I like it very much. Tnx It's originally by htctoucher from xda, but there's a wqvga version in the M2D themes thread. Hi OCK, thank u for ur fast replay. I couldn't find this cool theme in this M2D Themes tread and that's why i will really appreciate if you provide me a link to this theme. thank u very much in advance
  5. Hi Ock, can u provide a link to this MD2 Classic THEME from 23551 ROM? It is very cool.I like it very much. Tnx
  6. If i want to use this manager, do i need to install first the HTC Comm Manager fixed for my OMNIA (for example HTC_CommManager_2.9.5.0._Extended_WlanFix)? Greets, Martin
  7. Which version are you currently using? HTC Audio Manager is a bit unstable, that's why I'm using Nitrogen. Googling on the issue seems to suggest that embedded album art may be the cause. For the comm manager in settings tab, Try this registry tweak: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\CommManager] "DoNotQueryGPRS"=dword:00000001 Hi, the registry tweak doesn't work for me Any other suggestion? Can i install the new one comm manager from M2D v2? I like this nitrogen player and i will install it. After that can i use the Music Widget with some registry tweaks with Nitrogen player or it is impossible? I have tried before with HTC Audio Manager version 2 . Tnx again! Martin
  8. Hi to all, yesterday i have installed MD2 Classic ROM 23551. Excellent Rom- fast and responsible. I have a couple of issues: -I want to use the Music Widget and that's why i first installed HTC Music 2.0 cab. After that i switched on through M2DC Music Widget- my phone crashed and i had to uninstall the HTC Music 2.0. Any idea how to solve this issue? -Communications on the Settings Tab do not work. I tap on it , but nothing happens. Do i need to install some additional tool to make this working properly? Tnx in advance! Greets, Martin
  9. Hi, i have question regarding premium 23541- is this SDKCerts.cab pre-installed or not? tnx in advance
  10. We are all here to admire the hard work of our great Chefs and to give them support as feedback. If someone has another purpose , so this gay/girl is definitely not on the right internet site/forum . I really appreciate the hard work of this great Chefs. Greets, Martin
  11. What kind of pre-installed applications are missing by the new MD2 version in compare with the old 23541 build premium? tnx
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