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  1. PhilUK

    What next?

    I knew if I asked here first I'd get something interesting. It's my fault for buying such a stable (old) phone in the first place, but if you check my previous phones I usually wait until Tmob will give it to me free. I do remember asking if I couldn't get a G1, where would I be now?
  2. PhilUK

    What next?

    I have had my Hero for 6 months now and am on Androbin CR3 clocked to 650mhz running LauncherPro which is vanilla with a2dp and is really nice. BUT... I'm wondering if there's more to be had with owning a bigger better phone, or is there not much in it. I checked out a Desire briefly and with a phone in each hand I didn't see any speed difference with navigating around the screens and app tray. I'm stuck with another 12 months to go on my Tmob contract, so I'll be paying for the phone. But that isn't a concern if the performance is going to be worth it. So what should it be? what would you buy? Desire, Nexus, Galaxy.......... Froyo..... or is there something new in the pipeline to wait for? I can't decide, but I can afford a phone so I'd like to be buying a phone. Please help me spend my money wisely.
  3. No you don't need to update, newer versions have enhanced recovery tasks and bug fixes to nandroid and wipe functions etc. Look here, I used Flashrec to do mine. http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...ero-v1-6-2-img/
  4. Downloaded a kitchen build without sense and a2sd, re-signed after deleting widgets and adding apks. Wiped dalvik only. Flashed over previous standard 2.1 kitchen build, works fine keeping all my data. Cool, thanks Paul.
  5. 200 people watching this thread...... waiting..... waiting..... for something..... a kitchen maybe, a fix maybe..... Paul is busy....... rooting an LG.
  6. I'm on the standard 2.1 release from the kitchen, without sense and running LauncherPRO. I get a FC on Rosie.utility and google.bgp when restarting. FC on settings when trying to change lock wallpaper. FC on trying to connect to PC. But everything works fine, I use recovery to mount the sdcard for PC, if needed. Will this rom be better without sense? Phil.
  7. I have used Villain roms since it came out, the Villain 6 rom is a fully functioning 2.1. I wanted to go vanilla but there aren't any that have bluetooth calls working. So I just run LauncherPRO, fast and stable, awesome rom, in fact that's what we all said when Paul's final hero rom was out too. Villain and others are all on overclock-able kernels, you can run any speed you like upto 730mhz in some cases. There are no battery issues on Villain 6. HTC will have to have something special to beat Villain, that's all.
  8. I did my own UK Tmob Hero at Christmas, but forgot what method I used to get the recovery image on. So when a friend wanted his done last week, it was like starting from fresh. I used the latest generic HTC rom to flash over Tmob using a gold card. then wrote the recovery using FlashRec. This also wiped the SPL and got rid of the G2 boot screen, so I did my phone again aswell. The main problem was getting FlashRec to do the recovery image in a rom. Phil.
  9. PhilUK

    Which ROM?

    i decided to play with ADB and removed browser (using dolphin) and live wallpapers google talk and the gtalkservice.apk, this caused a force close on startup but no other issues except no downloads from the market, pushed gtalkservice.apk back in and now all working. installed minfree and sys tray monitor, seemed to keep it's battery static overnight. Love the look of 2.1 but I will have to have the camera working full resolution though. I'll stay with this until my trip, maybe nandroid back and forth when I'm there. Or buy a camera. thanks for your suggestions dr. dre and grassiekuik, I haven't looked at overclock yet. thanks masterpfa I'll try AychTeeSee-2.1. I didn't have any issues with modaco 3.2, I just fancied the aosp. You all know what it's like, because we can change, we do. I came from Omnia, same.
  10. PhilUK

    Which ROM?

    I have got the latest radio but my phone sometimes doesn't last for the day. I used a task killer with 3.2 but got fed up with pulling down the top bar and killing all tasks all the time. I also use my phone as my holiday camera so I can't stay with 2.1 because of the resolution issue. Phil.
  11. PhilUK

    Which ROM?

    Hi there, I'm going on holiday for a month in March, so I don't want to be having to charge my phone every day. I want to use the ROM with the best battery life. I've used Modaco 3.1, 3.2 and original Tmobile, I'm now on AOSP 2.1 r4, which is really nice looking but the battery life is terrible. It needs to be rooted for WIFI tether. What would you recommend, I don't mind going with an original HTC, whatever gives the best battery. Thanks, Phil.
  12. Hi, I have upgraded yesterday from 3.0 to 3.1 then saw 3.2 so that aswell. Haven't seen any of the issues reported here, everything worked except slightly faster. The only problem was HTC_Sync wouldn't see the phone (XP pro), deleted drivers using 'USBDeview.exe' as I had done when using ADB mode. Reinstalled drivers, but nothing except for windows disk error popups. So this morning I uninstalled sync v2.0.4 and downloaded the new v2.0.8 version from the link below and it worked straight away. http://www.htc.com/www/SupportViewNews.asp...amp;news_id=484 Awesome work Paul. p.s I added the widgets when cooking 3.1 and 3.2 but didn't wipe between any flashes. I can't see the widgets and I don't care.
  13. Hi, I have a brand new Tmobile Hero running Modaco 3.0, using a 4gig SD that's a few years old. has anyone had their SD card 'removed without unmount' while in their pocket? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I just upgraded to a Hero from Tmobile UK last week. So I made a gold card (using supplied 2gig) and ADB the recovery image across, then Nandroid backup and installed Modaco 3.0. It's been running for a few days now. Didn't update the radio. Had trouble with XP drivers, it seems I need to switch 'My HTC' driver for sync and 'ADB' driver for ADB manually. History over. Now, the ROM runs well and I have had no issues with anything except that yesterday after my phone being in standby mode for over an hour when I turned it on it had a message warning of having removed the SD card without demounting it first, this happened twice. it isn't the gold card I made, it's a spare 4gig used in my N95. Is this something I should worry about? I haven't seen it reported in any threads, but I have seen complaints of SD cards not being seen on a device. I would like to get on with a 3.1 custom ROM, but if I have a hardware fault I will have to return it to Tmob. Thanks for reading.
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