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  1. It is a good thread for bringing sources of information together - that is what happens with progress... as information is made more readily accessible to people, those same people can more readily build upon the information provided. While I accept the point that Paul, who I wholeheartedly respect, is very busy and therefore the tone of the post is not entirely appropriate I cannot criticise Kongo for putting together a post which is informative and helpful. Wherever possible information SHOULD be put on a plate, I would not expect to build a rocket send it into space and take photos of the Earth just to find out that the Earth is round. For people who want a more in depth knowledge of the process of course the opportunity is there to carry out more detailed research - nevertheless those that share their experiences and collect together information to the benefit of the community should be applauded not berated.
  2. Good thread - thanks for taking the time.
  3. Please don't be so daft! Every time I check for r10 WIP - I die a little inside.... In all seriousness, Paul has done some fantastic work on the desire - you already have access resources that are well worth your money, and with a bit of patience I'm sure we can expect r10 soon.
  4. Froyo in my opinion is excellent, I rarely have any problems at all and I am indebted to Paul for his fantastic ROM making skills which have allowed me to get passed the evils of branded phones! However, there is always room for improvement on the part of Google and HTC. Therefore my question is, how would you improve the Froyo/Google experience on the HTC Desire? I will do what I can to keep this thread updated with your comments, but for my part here are a few of my pet hates/suggestions to get you started: 1) Greater support for music and video formats 2) Native applications for music and video 3) Bookmark syncing with Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer 4) Bookmark manager tab in the cloud/in G-mail to allow overall management 5) Enhanced contacts management in the cloud/ in G-mail to allow overall management 6) SMS/MMS sync with the cloud/ in G-mail to allow back up 7) Phone location/wipe management from cloud/G-mail (similar to the capabilities of Microsofts MyPhone) 8) Ability to sync sports calendars from Google Calendar with Android device 9) Consistent use of spell checking throughout the Android platform (including in the market place for example) 9) Improved desktop version of the Marketplace 10) Native Google Reader apps While there are lots of rumours going around as to what Gingerbread will bring, what are your Gingerbread dreams?
  5. Ok I cracked my screen and will have to send the phone in to be repaired, so I figure why not play with the OTA version of Froyo for a bit first. I have previously rooted my phone and have used custom ROMs a plenty so I have no problems there. However, today I went back to stock 1.15.405.4 with the aim of updating OTA. However, I received the "Your phone is up to date message". Any idea how I can get the update? (I know that this may mean that I can't root in the future) Thanks Al
  6. You need to rename the file that you download to "update.zip" before you add it to your sd card. Note that if you have file extensions hidden on your operating system the .zip part will be added automatically so you should only re-name it "update".
  7. Manual updates tomorrow? http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/29/evo-4gs...tomorrow-loads/
  8. Working without any problems for me - Had to wipe to cure a few gremlins though.
  9. Absolutelysuperb! Thanks Paul.
  10. Not to worry... now fixed. I was using a Vista 64 bit system which caused the problem ended up flashing phone using VM Ware which worked perfectly!
  11. Stuck - please help I have got this far: C:\Users\Alan\Desktop\desire\r6-desire-root>step1-windows.bat Desire Root Step 1 Erasing cache and rebooting in RUU mode... erasing 'cache'... OKAY ... OKAY About to start flash... < waiting for device > sending 'zip' (137446 KB)... OKAY writing 'zip'... INFOadopting the signature contained in this image... INFOsignature checking... INFOzip header checking... INFOzip info parsing... INFOchecking model ID... INFOchecking custom ID... INFOchecking main version... INFOstart image[hboot] unzipping for pre-update check... INFOstart image[hboot] flushing... INFO[RUU]WP,hboot,0 INFO[RUU]WP,hboot,100 INFOstart image[radio] unzipping for pre-update... INFOstart image[radio] flushing... INFO[RUU]WP,radio,0 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,6 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,14 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,19 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,27 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,36 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,44 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,51 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,59 INFO[RUU]WP,radio,100 FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately) sending 'zip' (137446 KB)... FAILED (command write failed (No such file or direc tory)) Rebooting to bootloader... rebooting into bootloader... FAILED (command write failed (No such file or direc tory)) Step 1 complete - now use the bootloader menu to enter recovery mode. I now have a black screen with htc written on it, and the power button is not responsive. What should I do?
  12. It was mis-labelled in second post. I see you have corrected it now. Thank you very much!
  13. Amazing - Thank you very much. Will there be an original titanium version of 23409 too? Many thanks you're a legend!
  14. Works pretty well for me (using Sectors latest 6.5 ROM). Can't wait for the full version!
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