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  1. works great on my imagio. this is a fun app man good job.
  2. its resistive touch. however let me tell you, this is the best touch screen ive dealt with, its extremely snappy and responsive. from what ive read somewhere within 6.5 does support multi touch. however it will most likely only be avalible on the capacitive (sp?) devices poised to come out in the semi-distant future. if youre up for renewal now you should jump on the imagio. the phone has great hardware and is packed with cool features like a proximity sensor! again i have to say, i am blown away by the screen. and i mean its got a kickstand cmon! haha. windows phone 6.5 official is very nice too. fast fast fast.
  3. davidmrrr

    So long Omnia

    I made the SAME EXACT jump. My Imagio is arriving Monday. I got mine for 150!
  4. davidmrrr

    htc imagio ?

    I am actually getting the imagio mailed to me. It should be here hopefully tomorrow or monday. I'll give it a whirl for a few days and get back to you. Interesting SideNote: I got the phone brand new for $159.00!! I know xda has some stuff in the works for it already and pocketnow has a decent unboxing and hardware tour. im excited haha http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...046#post4792046
  5. I had to get a blackberry storm (the worst thing i couldve done) anyway, the os sucks. its complete garbage compared to windows mobile. and the blackberry community is very useless. So since i know everyone here is usually quite helpful i wanted to see if anyone could guide me in the right direction with trying to run winmo on my storm...
  6. after a bunch of issues mainly service related, i had to get rid of my omnia for a device with a stronger signal. i got the storm. the signal is better but the os is boring. people say bb's are so much more efficentand blah blah, but honestly, my winmo was better at keeping tracked of my appointments, the alarm app was way better and the quality of the internet display was much better. the people in the blackberry community charge for everything. they want money for every theme, and every single little thing they do. they dont ask for donations like the good people in the winmo world do, they just sell. basically i was just writing this thread to say how the winmo community esp modaco, are really much cooler, more creative and inventive people. everyone here mods and adds to our phones and openly exchanges knowledge. haha and i wanted to complain. but yeah i can not wait until my contract is up and i go back to winmo. pretty much i find the storms hardware a bit more sturdy and reliable, but everything else pales in comparison/. :/
  7. davidmrrr

    Omnia OR Touch Pro

    I make sure to keep it away from heat and sunlight the best I can, I used to take it in the bathroom during showers to listen to music but after the humidity damaged the water stickers on my original i stopped. haha i do wear tighter fitting jeans but i dont keep the phone in my pocket cause im always scared that ill end up damaging it somehow. I really do apriciate the response and the effort though! i actually did do my homework on signal strength, and my orginal omnia, while weaker than other phones, still held down 2 bars in the home and full bars around town. none of these refurbs have. i just received my third one and am about to program it now. It really is a shame, because i think the phone is great, i agree it is better at being a pda than a phone. (and i hate the iphone haha) i hear terrible terrible things about the touch pro and the diamond so this is a pretty crappy situation.
  8. davidmrrr

    Omnia OR Touch Pro

    well, which do you prefer? which phone seems to work better overall and on verizon?
  9. davidmrrr

    Omnia OR Touch Pro

    Im deff in the 90 day window, im in the 30 day window actually haha.
  10. The physical keys on my original omnia stopped working. Under the 1 year manufacturers defect warranty they replaces it in a very timely manner, free of charge. Replacement 1: The screen had several broken pixels, My signal strength decreased severely, and the vibration was accompanied by clanging. I can just ignore these problems except for the poor signal, so i went in to the store and they mailed me a second one, overnight, and free of charge. Replacement 2: The Screen had several broken pixels, My signal strength decreased severely, the phone froze a minimal three times a day and in vibration mode it would not vibrate or ring. My third replacement is in the mail now. Verizon tells me if there are issues after 3 refurbished replacements under this warranty they allow you a brand new phone, it can be the same model or anything comparable. The manager at the store is telling me I could choose a Touch Pro. I dont hold much faith that the third refurb will be functional. However a new omnia could be. Mainly i just wanted to see if any of you have any input on the whole thing. As far as i can tell it looks like the omnia is the best phone they offer, and its been a blast to use, but this lack of a signal is making it relatively useless :/
  11. uhhhh, built in microsoft voice command?
  12. my only real issue with the omnia is that it seems every single one i get has broken pixels on the screen. i know its not a huge deal but it drives me out of my mind. other than that its a great phone. the people here at modaco like wozzer adryn and blazingwolf have helped to make the phone a blast.
  13. i cant get any of the clock edits to show up on my i910. im running wozzers 6.5 v4
  14. davidmrrr

    Nice looking titanium interface

    this is very cool thanks. do you know of anyway to have the calendar panel display your next upcoming appointment when it is not under the magnifier?
  15. davidmrrr

    SMS displaying wrong time

    I switch mine to visiting time, do a softreset, switch it back and do another soft reset. it usually works as a temp fix.

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