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  1. Found this which makes it so much easier much like version 2. dunno why they did not include it in the first place. PowerToy Version 0.1 (build 6420) for Mobile Shell 3.x consists of Menu Editor. You can download it here: http://softspb.com/downloads/powertoy/PowerToy_v0.1.zip
  2. Whats WDR in the camera setting? Can anyone advise on how to ensure the settings like contrast, sharpness and saturation do not go back to default after u exit camera function? this is getting very irritating as i need to reinput the setting every time i use the camera.
  3. Thanks. It works. though i do wish they would make it more user friendly instead like the previous version.
  4. thanks but sorry for the newbie question but how do i unlock SPM menu? Whats HKTM?
  5. anyone knows how to add in programs into the SPB menu folders like internet , multimedia, tools, etc. i can only seem to add files/programs for Games and Navigation folders but not the rest. Unlike the previous version, i can go to spb menu setting to add programs or file, seems like this option no longer exist. Can anyone help. thanks
  6. Can some one help me. I have managed to install the shell and the skins successfully. SPBMS is in My Device but the skin is installed in my Storage card. However, the games (dice, bubble breaker, solitaire) does not appear in the games program button in the programs tab. Similarly, nothing is inside the navigator button. Am i missing something here. Appreciate any help. thanks
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