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  1. The theme look so nice with that's analog clock...could you share? sorry for ask..maybe already in some where.
  2. Hi Sector, Sorry for the question, but i have no idea how to upgrade you rom throw windows Vista? I tried to look around, but just can't make it...
  3. Hi Sector, Thank for the new release, H2, much impress. However, i face more trouble which make me back to H1. H1 is more stable for daily use.
  4. Hi Sector, Could you please tell how to Change the directory of Saving Call Record to Storage? as I am end up with running out of memory since it's saving in phone memory? I want better quality of recording. Thank.
  5. Wow, That's perfect...G1..quiet fast compare to F2. F2 is amzing, and G1 is even more.. Thank Sector and all for such great stuff... I don't see any problem so far..
  6. Hi, First, i would like thank all Chief...which make this brilliant ROM working in Omnia... So far, there is no problem at all for me in Version F2, thing is just perfect... I don't have problem with Call ID which i face it in previous E1, F1. Don't know what happen, but 2 Hreset and few soft reset.. Thank again Sector!
  7. <br /><br /><br /> Hi, Waiting for your new release then,, Pls include call record..it's really best and fun to have it.
  8. Done..flash it... feel touching more respond and quite fast...Keyboard is working pretty well, Internet, wifi...overall seem great... Still some issue: - HTC manager seem problem, i can see the icon, but seem not work - No call record as in E1 - Time always go back to Home after soft reset (when configure as Visiting) - Menu screen look not have honeycomb Beside all these small issue...everthing is run well...thank for hard work and appreciate for that... I wish i could help somthing more...
  9. Hi Sector, Just can't wait to see your next release...Version E is much better, specially one of feature Call recording...very fun... By the way, just any idea...the basic function for phone is best, others features, we can install it later, i think everyone have their customize software and feature... B)
  10. Hi.. That's the great ROM, there is no problem so far...however, i did 3 Hreset before everything runing well.. Just want to mention, one feature not include is Call Recording while it has in Sector version E, is it build in WM6.5? Could you possibility check it? it's nice feature and fun sometimes... B) Thank..
  11. That's great man, thank for hardwork.. I am currently with Sector version E, look perfect...and going to flash your after download.. One question, how to change the black background in Honeycomb?
  12. Hi, Try to delete the existing config, and add new one... In Advance select Network, and add new one..then it would be working fine... Don't edit the default, it won't work..which i have tried..
  13. Thank for the reply... I am running out of mind how to browser throw either wifi or GPRS...try to many Soft and hard reset, reflash the rom again..but still same issue...beside everything work pretty fine.. Only Skype which i can online throw Wifi, since it has the option to select wifi..all the others IE, Opera, MSN, MS Syn..just can't detect it.. always mentioned connection end and ask to change.. As well, GRPS config. not display after config..and not work.. Anyone have same issue, pls help share..
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