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  1. I initially wanted to post on xda, but I can't yet post links there.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I'm also considering the Gameklip, I'm just not sure If the cable actually are useful. If the controller loads through the USB-port on the Galaxy S3, I think the battery time will be worse than with Bluetooth connection enabled. Would be nice if someone could test this out. Andraxis looks good imho, the big letdown for me is that I'm not sure how well the S3 will fit it. The big advantage is that other phones will fit it just fine too.
  3. I'm currently using a Sandisk 32GB Class 4, have copied all big games over there using DirectoryBind and haven't had problems with slowdowns at all. Just amazing.
  4. Hello everyone. Eversince I received my Galaxy S3 and installed a bunch of games and emulators on it, I can't help myself but think that a real controller is kinda necessary for these games. Sure, the easier missions on Grand Theft Auto III seemed possible, but as soon as you fail 3 times in a row due to sucky touch-screen controls (car chases anyone), every true gamer is looking for some way to fix this. Fortunately, there are a lot of possible options for gamepads on Android. My goal here is to present the various options, discuss their pros and cons and in this way, save everyone the time I needed to find and research all the possible options. Bluetooth Gamepads The gamepads in this section are mostly designed for mobile devices. Although most of them can be used on Windows/MacOS/Linux, they feature special holders for keeping the phones screen attached to the controller. iControlPad Website: http://www.icontrolpad.com/ Price: $62.49 / £39.99 / 45.99€ Description: The iControlpad is developed and manufactured by the same team as the OpenPandora Console, so these guys should know their stuff. The analog sticks are the same as on the OpenPandora console and are reported to be very good. Their official feature list: Pros: Small and lightweight controller. The universal holder included is confirmed to fit the Galaxy S3. Actively maintained and developed by an active team. Relatively cheap price compared to the other solutions. (due to free worldwide shipping) Cons:The Gametel is obviously missing the dual analog sticks and is therefore not useable for all games(N64 comes to mind). iCade Website: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e762/ Price: $89.99 / £57.90 / 73.75€ Description: This product started out as an april fools joke and later became reality. Their official feature list: Bluetooth enabled wire­less connection Two fully func­tional ana­log sticks for pre­ci­sion con­trol in newer 3D videogames Sup­ports nearly all Android 2.2+ and Win­dows devices Emu­lates “vir­tual key­board”, i.e. works with all apps and games that sup­port key­board input. Sup­ports all pop­u­lar emu­lat­ors and more than 100 nat­ive Android games! Sup­ports on-screen mul­ti­player (N64oid – 4 Player modus!) Com­pletely wire­less with range of sev­eral meters 14 pro­gram­mable but­tons plus pre­cise dir­ec­tional controls 10+ hours bat­tery life! Pros: Features the same buttons and layout as a PS2 Controller and therefore has more then enough buttons for all emulators and games. Cons: [*]The buttons are reported to press harder than an original PS controller. [*]Rather bulky in comparison to other gamepads. Zeemote Website: http://www.zeemote.com/js1/ Price: $29.99 / £23.99 / 30.60€ Description: The Zeemote JS1 is designed like a Nunchuck for the Wii-console, but features 4 action buttons instead of only one on the original. Their official feature list: The DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller for the PlayStation®3 system provides the most intuitive game play experience with pressure sensors in each action button and the inclusion of the highly sensitive SIXAXIS™ motion sensing technology. Each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when the user feels the rumble right in the palm of their hand. It can even detect natural movements for real-time and high precision interactive play, acting as a natural extension of the user’s body. DUALSHOCK®3 utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless game play and the controller’s USB cable to seamlessly and automatically charge the controller through the PlayStation®3 at anytime. By integrating all of these features into the popular PlayStation controller design, the DUALSHOCK®3 will further enhance the advanced game play experience only available on the PlayStation®3 system. Pros: [*]High quality controller [*]All necessary buttons and sticks for all emulators and games available. [*]Available everywhere. [*]Useable for PS3, PC/MacOS/Linux and Android. Cons: [*]Bulkier than other solutions [*]Needs root for wireless gaming. [*]Needs special holders for mounting the phone on the controller. Andraxis Website: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1476571 Price: $34.26 / £22.02 / 28.03€ Description: The Andraxis project is a solution for mounting various phones to a Dualshock 3 controller. It is made through 3d-printing with very little benefit to the creator. The owners report it to be sturdy and of high quality. Their official feature list: Touch controls work for some games, but as I'm sure most of you have experienced, controlling anything more complex than an angry feathered creature is next to impossible. After hours of trying to play Grand Theft Auto III with virtual on-screen joysticks, I went looking for a better answer. After flipping through pages of cheap gimmicky Bluetooth controllers, I stumbled across the Sony Dualshock3 controller and the Sixaxis app. The Sixaxis app allows many Android phones to connect to a Playstation 3 controller to give native analog input and emulate touch and hardware controls. I thought I had found my answer, but where do I put my phone if the controller is in my hands? Enter the GameKlip™. Pros: [*]Cheap solution to mount your phone to a Dualshock 3. [*]Offers a cable solution where the controller can be plugged into your phone (USB-host required). Cons: I hope that some of you find this overview helpful. Please post any experience you got with any of the devices in this thread and post suggestions on updates or mistakes I made. Thanks for reading, Strainer [*]Fits only one specific phone model. [*]High shipping costs outside the USA.
  5. As there are still no updates, are there any planned in the near future?
  6. I have now checked all the key bindings myself, the codes are exactly the same as on your omnia. The pocketpc.lua file you provided seems to be perfectly configured, nothing wrong I have found. I don't understand why I can't use the Task Key for Right Click, the camera key for attacking or the touchpad for scrolling, because all of this is configured in pocketpc.lua. Any ideas, and has anyone got one of the keys from above working? Thanks
  7. Exactly, a small area in the top left corner of the minimap is not clickable. I will try to config the scroll later today, hope it works.
  8. I have encountered another problem: I have exchanged my pocketpc.lua file with the one you uploaded a few posts ago. The problem is that it still behaves like the one I initially used, I can't seem to modify it in any way. The buttons working for me are: Call Button - Attack Middle Button - Message End Call Button - Stop The ones that don't work are: Scrolling via the middle button (Would be the most important one imho) Right Click via the Task button (The best solution for the right click/attack command) I would just like to know if anyone else is having these problems with the task and camery button not working in WC2. I'm using SPB MS3.0 if that matters. Thanks for any help with this.
  9. I also have installed everything as it should and get the same error messages. I especially encounter errors with the shotgun, but it seems the program is always crashing when I change from one weapon to another. Any tips?
  10. Thanks a lot, here are the music files: http://rapidshare.com/files/232119334/Audio.rar
  11. Thanks a lot for this awesome game, I've been looking for this since I got my Omnia! :D Everything is perfect, I even managed to exchange the german voice files and mission descriptions. The only thing I have found missing is the music, is it possible to add the original music files? I could upload those If you need them.
  12. Thanks for this awesome application, this is really a very good idea. I see a problem though, when I use my Omnia with iGo8, the Battery only lasts around 1 hour before reaching 20%. I already have bought a car adapter to solve this problem, but unfortunately the plug is the same as the plug for the headset (and therefore also for the radio). Would it be possible to insert something like a split cable, to have both headset and power cable plugged in? Would the Omnia support that?
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