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  1. can't see it. could you please post the link?
  2. just to be sure, if i'm updating from earlier build of infusion is a full wipe required?
  3. Everything worked great and when I restored my IMEI phone just reboots into recovery with "E: Invalid command argument. Phone won't reboot into fastboot via adb and force update fails. Please help.
  4. darkado

    Review: Spirit HD

    i didn't like really, good that it wasn't epensive
  5. that's the cheapest you're gonna get it. i made a mistake during currency conversion, the real price is about 28 euro. still not bad.
  6. can it be done? on ebay there's only one seller and over 40 euro for a 100 euro phone is too much. i found an another option, sort of chinese ebay where you can get digitizers for about 20 euro including shipping and services of an agent that knows english so you can buy from there :)
  7. any cheaper than this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/Genuine-San-Francisco-TOUCH-SCREEN-DIGITIZER-ZTE-Blade-/170669706024?pt=UK_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item27bcb50b28
  8. darkado

    Gingerbread - Good news (?)

    that should make thing easier for the devs
  9. darkado

    only dual touch?

    retina is supposed to be ips panel, and it's good but not out of this world good i like lg ips screen phone screens better. Only thing retina uas going for it is great resolution on 3.5 inch screen. Xperia play screen is just not good enough, i shold have probably said it but i fiddled with it for a bit, didn't compare it to x5 though but i never expected anything wow for half the price and i must say, x5 is better than decent and next huawei models will probably be even cheaper seeing tha sgs1 cost only little more than x5.
  10. darkado

    only dual touch?

    how do you know that u8800 hw supports only 2 touch points? no reviewers of u8800 had anything to really bad to say about the display but the xperia play ones had a field day with bad display comments.
  11. darkado

    only dual touch?

    and you know it's impossible, how exactly? display on xperia play is awful, but actually i did consider it.
  12. darkado

    only dual touch?

    multitouch is not 2 touch points. hw is capable of more than 2, that's for sure. and finaly there ARE hacks for various other phones that let them use more than 2 touch points. anyway, i need it for emulators cause i got tired of carrying my psp everywhere to play emulators but i guess it can't be helped.
  13. darkado

    only dual touch?

    I never bothered to try before but i'm kinda disapointed by this when specs clearly state multitouch. Any hacks to enable it?
  14. that's why i like it, not very common :)

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