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  1. It hasnt been rooted yet! so not to much development on it as of yet!
  2. hehehe thank you for the Kind Words!!!!!
  3. This is where I have been! Me and Adryn have teamed up and formed Team Chaos Team Chaos I just got interviewed check it here! http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-new...-check-out.html So those of you that want to make the switch to Android come on over!!!!
  4. here is mine: setCPU allows you to set your overclocked phones cpu mine is set at a nice 800 drocap2 Screen capture app beautiful widgets Metamorph theme installer Root Explorer Pandora Dolphin Browser ADfree Astro File Explorer Droid Root Helper Superuser Permission Handcent SMS just a few i use alot!!
  5. aww I kinda missed the old way of cooking brings back memories!!!
  6. yeah just found that out back to the drawing board! but I did get a bootable rom just have to fix a bunch of stuff! pm your way!
  7. Ill flash it later tonight im in the kitchen myself pretty busy with it, I kinda want a rom that begins where I left off from the i910 so in rewriting all my cprs to match the new resolution! so it should be a fun few days for me!!!!
  8. I dont think my dad even says KEEN! lol got my 02 ill start messing with it in a few weeks!!!
  9. got my 02 ill be messing with this phone for a while ill see what i can come up with!!!
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