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  1. Me too.. I can not connect to my wifi network... reverting to v6.. Can someone post a link for the V6 version? Regards, AP
  2. Hello, First, I would like to congratulate daskalos for all the work. Work that should be done by Samsung, to whom we have paid for our B7610. Apart from that, I have been reading and reading this forum for months, but could only upgrade my phone to the latest original ROM. I couldn't be without phone, and the originals are always a guaranty. Nut now that i'm on vacations I've decided to test one of yours and tried this one. In terms of aspect it is great, but got blocked in the first optimization... How do I set the Performance??? On the original ROM I go to "Power Settings" but in this one I don't see that option... Thank you, Regards, AP
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