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  1. not when the other guy posted it though. maybe you should check the dates before you post ;)
  2. http://www.samsungdive.com/DiveMain.do thats the tracking, lock, wipe website samsung use for the built in security so long as you have setup the samsung account you can login via there and find your phone.
  3. press applications then you can use the left menu button and press edit, same thing had me for a while! if you edit in applications you can drag a new icon over the old one.
  4. time for me to thank all those who have helped make this excellent mod and duck out to set the modaco site to open on the samsung galaxy S2 section instead. after wandering into vodafone today i walked out with my 1st phone contract for about 12 years with a shiny new phone, my god its fast compared to the blade!!!
  5. i always get an error stating the 64 bit drivers isnt compatable with my 64 bit windows and it wont allow me to install the usb driver
  6. im losing 10% battery in 2 hours without wifi, only data enabled and hotmail + gmail set to push.
  7. how do i get rid of burrito manager in burstlams ? cant see the point in it being a clone of rom manager thats also there.
  8. so far so good but i cant find out how to turn off the pointless battery full notifiication ?
  9. cheers m8, turns out it already was 160mb after i found the right part to check :) some mods jsut seem to kill gapps off and the xda one did. nice version of the mod though!, sticking with it for now. only fault is CPU spy only shows deep sleep.
  10. i think i need a TFT with a 160mb partition, can someone point me in the right direction plz ? nvm it was just a gapps reinstall needed
  11. odex gavea gapps error, goggles removed itself and gave an error when i tried ot install, none odex worked ok.
  12. just put this on and as always wiped dalvik but it reset the home screen to default and seemed to remove quite a few things, stuck the backup on and tried a 2nd time but its still the same :( live wallpapers have also vanished, just a maps one. unable to rotate homescreen as well.
  13. last time i had an unfixable bug i had to install the latest TPT to clear up whatever it was causing it. it would seem wiping everything and installing a new nightly is not always a fix as part of it obviously stuck around causing problems from an old TPT
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