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  1. Without massive ROAMING internet bills, yes, it's correct.
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your review, great job! I have a question though: can you access the bootloader easily? As far as I know (at least on the Sensation), when you restart or turn the phone off, it's like a sleep and when you turn it on, it doesn't start from scratch, I take the battery off if I want to manually access the bootloader but with no removable battery, how is it? Did you try? f.
  3. I will put this banner in my sign on XDA tomorrow. Let's see what will happen. On a side note, did you include the Nexus live wallpaper? f.
  4. Trip, please please please, can you include the AOSP Nexus Live wallpaper please, with the dark flat background, as in your AOSP alpha and beta ROMS? I hate the old one with the squares! Thanks in forehand f.
  5. On alpha I don't have the call/proximity bug, but on 001B I have it. I'm losing my Latin trying to understand where the problem is... :-( Switching to your MIUI 001B. f.
  6. Hey Trip, I tried the update this morning and had to revert back to your alpha: caller bug/proximity sensor issue! I'll try to copy the RILD libs from the alpha into the beta, and see how it goes. Maybe you could include them in your next beta with the corresponding RILs? f.
  7. Hey Lancez, from the khuanchai, shokka9 and sector era (yes, I was around at this time), he knows that I was not serious, and concerning me, I'm married and a happy father near his 40s. On a side note, I don't miss girlfriends or ex-girlfriends when they're alive. I miss people who passed away like my Dad, some family members, some friends, but as long as the people are alive I'm happy for them even though it doesn't work out between us. That's my recipe to be happy. And for those who left us, I'm sure that they're doing way better than we do. f.
  8. Why not take a chance? What are PMs for? Exchanging email addresses for example :-)
  9. Faux released 3 new CM7/AOSP kernels, I'm rarely over 36 degrees with it. Try them and see for yourself. f.
  10. Thanks for the update! I'm on your alpha since yesterday and I'm very pleased with it. Yesterday I had to load a backup in order to use the camera, but all in all, it's very promising. And no, I'm not at XDA trying CM7. I'm switching between your rom and Xboarder's CM7/AOSP Hybrid. f.
  11. lol! You're right, they ain't into ETA, and the latest news is: heh, from the man himself - "I was compiling the alpha build for cm7 when a stick of my ram died. This means two things. First: I now have to purchase new ram Second: unless there is some kind of miracle, the release is pushed back to tomorrow. My computer literally died trying to get this build out there for you. I hope you're happy. Lol." See, the OP even has another day. If his release is today, he will be the first again! f.
  12. On top of that, the Tegra 2 version I9103 will sport 2x1 Ghz and not 2x1.2 Ghz like the Exynos.
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