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  1. I have been sitting on the fence regarding a new phone for way too long. I wanted to get a Galaxy S, than Atrix 4G, now I'm waiting for Galaxy S2. I hope to buy it on eBay and not have to sign some 2 year contract. I hate contracts!
  2. Can it be translated easily? Maybe it's just a lang file to translate.. Ill take a look at this.
  3. NO GSM, NO WIFI and the screen resolution is broken now as well.
  4. The screen resolution is off and GSM still is a no go.
  5. [email protected] uploaded it to the English site Ill try it and report back if GSM or WiFi is working.
  6. It is only or Android and iPhone. Windows Mobile is dead, no new phones. Opera will not release any new versions from WinMo. The only browser for WinMo that is still releasing new versions is UCweb but it doesn't play videos so well. http://www.ucweb.com/index.html
  7. ALL: To make it run fast, add the task-killer widget and kill all tasks after launch. Speed goes to acceptable. There is one application that auto launches that makes the device slow.
  8. 240X400 is hard enough, WinMo is practically dead as well lol. Good luck.
  9. I hope so. I have the GSM version on T-Mobile. doesn't work for me either..
  10. The Russian devs pushed back the new release for some time. I see on the forum that they are working on a workaround to try and get Android 2.2 on the internal memory (not my storage or SD). There is only 160MB so it's not an easy task and other improvements. thanks to Google translate :D
  11. Well, it starts off laggy so I killed all the running tasks using task killer, then it runs much faster. Something running on startup is slowing it down, not sure which process.
  12. Must have SD card. For me the battery heats and I can;t place the phone on stand by, so it drains in like 2 hours.
  13. Wow. Ill have to try that. Any tips on getting it running? does wifi touch screen phone/radio all work? Update as well: IT FREAKING WORKS!!! ANDROID 2.2 on OMNIA!!!! Tips: 1. wait 1 week, the guy is working on an updated version with WIFI and it is suppose to run much faster 2. Get a super lite ROM and disable everything on winmo!! 3. Keep android light, don't go loading it up with junk, it gets slow very quickly. Thank you h5n1!!
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