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  1. Newbie, you shouldn´t start posting here in that way.:) The moderation team can warn users or suspend their accounts if they don´t follow the forum rules.... I suggest to read and follow the forum rules.
  2. Are you still uploading or am I too late ? In second case please post new links... Thanks in advance.
  3. I thought that this discussion has been ended yesterday by the moderation team. 4 mods have investigated your case and finally you got warned on a very low level. If you don´t agree with our decision feel free to contact the admin team by pm and the next time please don´t contact all mods at the same time. Thanks. From now on please post only topic specific things because the moderation team has taken its decision and you have to respect this. If not I will think about a suspension of your account. Thanks for understanding. contable
  4. As I have read in the touchexperience beta forum Julien Schapman is preparing a first version for public release... With the current beta is possible to capture screenshots of your device. Here some shots of my OMNIA7: Cheers contable
  5. I didn´t warn him because I saw that he allready got warned. Anyway I don´t think that the discussion continues....
  6. I have deleted the whole discussion. It looks like that another mod has warned Andel90 so I don´t wanna interact more. Is this ok for you ?
  7. I will clean up this topic right now... I hope that those kind of discussions are finished right now. Please keep the topic clean, for personal fights it´s the wrong place.
  8. This is only the pre-nodo february update. No copy and paste. With this update the Chevron unlocker is still working, with the final nodo update Chevron will be history... Atm I have flashed the latest JK1 rom from Samsung together with the february pre-nodo windows update. => much better marketplace access => better performance and connectivity at all
  9. Only ChevronWP7 (or developer ) unlocked devices do support custom ringtones. After you have unlocked your device use one of the following apps: 1. Chevron ringtone installer (you need to convert your ringtone first to wma format) 2. RingRing7 (my personal favorite because of the built-in converter) 3. WP7 Device Manager Beta from Julien Schapman (touchxperience.com)
  10. How about changing the region & language settings ?
  11. OK. Looks good. So all questions besides development can be answered in your thread. Maybe this will reduce the number of pages here... Later this day I will send a PM to almar for getting permission to add the link on post #1. Thanks for you support. contable
  12. Good idea but I think the topic starter doesn´t have time for doing that. Maybe somebody else can start another thread with FAQ´s and all relevant updates so we´ll get less pages here. In this case I could add a link to post #1 (after getting permission from the topic starter).
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