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  1. Device: HTC Imagio Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional ROM: Default
  2. Try flashing it back to CF03 and then try the Flotanium ROM. Most of these ROMS assume that CF03 is already there.
  3. This is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thank you BW! I just loaded it onto my Verizon Omnia i910 and it works beautifully. This is so much more finger-friendly. I picked up an HTC Imagio last week, and with this ROM for the Omnia - I think that I am going to return the Imagio. I will miss its bigger and higher resolution screen though. I just have to figure out how to control which items appear on the left edge of the screen, and how to set the display order of the items in the Start menu.
  4. Thanks for the ROM. I picked up an HTC Imagio the other day. I definitely like the WM 6.5 and TouchFlo. With your ROM for the Omnia - I just might take it back! A couple of questions/issues: 1. The GPS seems to work for the HTC Location Service, as I get weather for the correct location. But it doesn't work for Bing. Bing didn't work on Verizon's CF03 update either. Google Maps has no problem locating satellites, but it seemed to take longer to acquire satellites with this new ROM. 2. Two things that I used a lot were the Samsung Keypad for input, and VoiceCommand for hands-free dialing. Is there a way to get those back? (Edit: I found the Compact QWERTY. I will spend more time getting familiar with the different locations of things.) Thanks again!
  5. I experienced the same behavior when I flashed my i910. I had previously loaded the UltraLite and then realized that I wanted the other applications back. When I flashed back to Verizon's CF03, and then re-flashed with MegAmnia - it come up just fine. Thanks Wozzer.
  6. I have a Windows 2003 server with IIS 6 and Exchange 2003 SP2. The IIS server hosts 4 websites: the default website, my company site (outside of the default website) with Starfield cert, OWA outside of the default website for my homeowners association (HOA) e-mail, and OWA for my business (outside of the default website). My router passes SSL on port 443 to company website, it passes SSL on port 444 to the HOA OWA (they connect by specifying the port e.g. https://webmail.hoa.com:444). The router is configured to pass SSL on port 1443 to my company OWA. I have created the virtual directories for ActiveSync and OMA under the HTTP virtual server in Exchange. DirectPush doesn't work, and when I force a sync I get an error (0x80072F06 - You have an incorrect SSL certificate common name... ). I think that the error is due to the fact that the default SSL port is being used, and the router is forwarding the traffic to the "wrong" site. When I try adding a port number to the server in the ActiveSync server configuration, then the device can't find the server. How does one change the port used for SSL on the Windows Mobile device? Thanks.
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