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  1. Good work Trip. Tried it out and I was impressed by the overall smoothness of it. I'm really starting to like sense again :)
  2. Did anyone get bluetooth to working other then just pair and do nothing?
  3. Hmm, is anyone else experiencing this? I was thinking of flashing this rom because it has functioning BT if if that's not the case there is no real point in flashing it.
  4. Is this an improved version of the virtuous rom or did you resize it yourself? Just wondering because I will exect the same glitches then.
  5. Wow, the speed of this thing is incredible. Have another beer on me mate! 8EY79920KP883333F
  6. Can't really help you there mate. I can only give you a status update as a user. I managed to start both Cordy and Modern Combat 2 but both caused a reboot after a few seconds of 3d rendering. If you're interested I can get a logcat for you. But I'm guessing you're already ahead on that.
  7. Had a couple of crashes while setting up all my apps and e-mail but now it seems to be quite stable. No more red lines after disabling strict mode and reboot. I agree that the system seems to be a bit smoother. Nice job Trip!
  8. I'd say A6 is very usable as a daily driver. Been using it since it was uploaded and still enjoying it a lot. I did reflash it for gapps and thats working perfectly for me now. Thanks for a wonderful tast of icecream Trip and hope you feel better soon!
  9. Had it on for a few hours now and had one reboot while opening the browser. Other then than it's working as advertised ;) It seems apps that use some fancy rendering won't work, like maps or co-pilot. I can live without those for now. I'm just glad I can run ICS table now. Thanks Trip!
  10. Sorry man, I'm afraid I'll have to draw the line there ;) Maybe there are some nice ladies attending this F5 party....
  11. Wait, that's a good thing right? ;) Did you make you make any progress since the last build? I took some time looking at the logcat but it'd a bit out of my league right now. I can imagine that you're getting pretty fed up with people demanding builds from you but I'd like to remind you that a lot of people are actually waiting patiently and appreciating what youbare doing. Good luck mate!
  12. Might I point out that posting this about xda here is quite a bit like them posting about trip? Imho this is getting a bit out of hand. I really hope this hole thing blows over and we can go back to having devs do great work and other people showing respect both here and on xda, which is a great community with some awesome devs. Sadly the ones who are shouting the loudest are often only a small group and ruining a lot for everyone else.
  13. I actually used it for the better part of the day today. Only got a few reboots. It seems that it is a lot less prone to reboots when you're not constantly jumping through menus. I tried tingling with some memory settings. At first that seemed to stabilize it a bit but at the next reboot the phone was hanging completely. Better leave the deving to the devs so to speak ;) After getting a glimpse of what the devs are dealing with getting this to work it made me respect their even more. Maybe we should stop demanding eta's and better builds and show some appreciation. You can always buy trip a beer using the link in his Sig ;) Edit: Might as well make good on that last suggestion ;) 88P12339D8264280F
  14. Just a quick question Trip. Are you working on DHCP for WiFi? If not I was considering having a look at that using your alpha 4.
  15. Thanks for the response. That's some very useful info and I'll keep it in mind when dealing with exchange deployments (and other apps). Good to hear you were able to test it successfully.

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