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  1. Awesome... I First Hard reset the phone and then did the *228 programming. Then proceeded with programming I followed the PDF to the T... I did NOT check the boxes mentioned.. As soon as the Flash completed I dialed *228 option 1 and then 2.. I can make calls and get online just fine.. I installed IGO8 and GPS works great.. Google maps also works..
  2. well... I have a server I can host files on as well.. to help the load balance
  3. yeah... at this point I may just wait.. I run my business off my phone, so I absolutely cannot have my phone not working.
  4. so there is no way to get it back on the phone?... hrrrrmmmmm that was the point of me wanting to dump it so if needed I could go back to the original.
  5. cool, thanks.. Ill give it a try.. Ill pull the ROM and then hard reset and then pull another ROM..
  6. has anyone done a ROM dump of the original ROM? If not Ill do it and post it on my server, but I'm not sure how to do it..
  7. has anyone done a ROM dump of the original ROM? If not Ill do it and post it on my server, but I'm not sure how to do it..
  8. ok.. so I had the trouble with the phone restarting when I touched it as well, but I wasn't going to just resort to doing a hard reset.. I figured there had to be a way to recalibrate the phone.. I first tried to just recalibrate it, but the first time I touched the screen when trying to recalibrate it the phone restarted.. so I got to thinking.. I went back into the registry and I totally deleted the "CalibrationData" line.. as soon as I did that I could touch the screen, but it was all whacked out... I then went to the calibration tool and re-calibrated.. works fine now.
  9. make sure 1 you are not plugged into the usb 2 active sync is not running via task mgr
  10. I havent really changed much as far as the gps goes.. I did the regedit to show the external GPS... I have installed google maps and iGO8 and I did install GPSGate, but I unistalled GPSGate before I ran this log.. as far as .dll files I installed the HTC stuff for the games but nothing else.
  11. Here is my entire log file... I'm not sure what you are looking for in it.. but have at it. http://jakedoza.ftpaccess.cc/winmo Ok.. I uploaded another log file.. you can see them both on that link..
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