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  1. I reinstalled it and from then on the start button came back and all the issues disappeared. My phone runs all day with between 85mb in the morning down to about 75mb in the evening. :huh:
  2. Massive memory boost from that, but it is messing up my softkey bar as it also removes the start button. Using Energy Sencity 21683 with sense disabled I have 88mb stable and a few more on boot. Battery is great too without sense :)
  3. I don't have the AGPS settings, but in my windows folder I do have an AGPS.dll I seem to be getting a much faster lock with Primo after the .reg import so thanks to all concerned. :)
  4. I have the above reg entries, maybe my old rom does not have the AGPS settings? I imagine it should be listed with connection and xtra under the sammy settings GPS tab.
  5. Should I see AGPS in the settings somewhere after importing the .reg? I don't.
  6. I don't think the developer wants these early versions circulating. Maybe you should remove the links.
  7. Me too, SPB 3.5. It is rather annoying as it can happen at any time like when I'm driving with igo8 running.
  8. How about you compose a small email message with the correct details in so we can all froward it to them with our own comment added? I am guessing that if I send them a message saying "Hurry up and send NuShrike's phone back you tw*t" then they probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about. :(
  9. Signed.....two points though.....how about adding the ram issue to the petition and maybe you should mention in your opening post about the donations to iPetition website being optional, would be a shame to put anyone off. :( Thanks very much for doing this I hope Samsung take action from it.
  10. This is from xda devs: --------------------------- You must have a registry editor! go to: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSINBOX in the string "1" write "\Program File\VITO\SMS-Chat\SMSChat.exe" ps. you have to write the " ------------------------------ Remember to put in the correct file path if you have it installed in my storage or storage card. Have you tried that? I have no end of bugs with vito sms, constant resets, i might have to bin it. :(
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